Spokane Hub Storm

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    Since Seattle & Redmond has it own beat. I ask wondering if anyone knows the status of Spokane Hub and Airport were doing in this extremely cold weather snow storm? One of my supervisor told me that Spokane Hub has some roof damage due to weight of the snow and operations were shut down in sort for some time being. Can anyone shed some light on this and see if operations back to normal yet? Thanks.
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    first 20 degrees isnt cold, the word i got is they were doing out door sorts bc the roof wasnt holding the snow
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    Did they still had hard time getting it done out doors?
  4. old brown shoe

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    Spokane had almost 80 inches of snow in three weeks. Then it warmed up and rained. Roofs can't handle the weight and are collapsing all over town. The snow is now mostly a block of ice all over this area of the NW. It has been and still is a nightmare.
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    OK, here's the skinny from a dyed in the wool Spokane Twilight UPSER. We are slowly starting to get back to normal for package car. Everyday, my shift gets a little shorter. We are bringing in fewer Emergency conditions and they even rented a 4wd Suburban to deliver some of the extended stuff out in the Tulley sticks. We have had some supervisor type people from Seattle come over and help us for the last couple of days doing pickups and deliveries. The roof had some bending and we were outside running a skeleton sort on pdc's and mdu's. It was by far some of the most horrible conditions you could think of. No, it wasn't Alaska cold, but 20 degrees outside for...9 hours makes for some cold feet. We are back to running full operations in Spokane. The big deal now is waiting to flush the turd from Seattle, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and Portland from all of the flooding. The I-5 and I-90 were shut down for 2 days or so over on the west coast from flooding. My buddy in Portland was saying that there was 50 or so trailers in the yard waiting to go to Redmond and Spokane. So we'll get those next week and hope for the best. That's the news for now, sortaisle signing out.
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    WOW! That's more than 100,000 of volumes yet need to get to it's final destinations.

    Sortaisle, were you working at Spokane Airport too as well or just regular at the hub?
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