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  1. vantexan

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    ...2 and 3 day P2 not going away. I was off Friday, missed the meeting, but mgr told me Sr. answered alot of questions about rumors. Said couriers weren't getting buyouts too. Mgr said that may still be possible if not enough take it in first two rounds, but I suspect he's trying to keep me from quitting. I pointed out my $1.42hr increase in pay over 5 years to him last week and I get the feeling he thinks I'm about to walk. Can't come soon enough but it'll be awhile yet.

    On buyouts, have to figure those in their late 50's with a good pension would want to take it so no way company will give buyouts to people who'll be quitting soon enough. So it's dead in the water. Way to go FedEx, telling us ALL employees with at least 5 continuous years are eligible. Brilliant.
  2. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    2 and 3 day are not going away.....right now.....

    It is and will be.

    DRA is giving them many more issues than was originally thought.

    This has set the plan back slightly but the kinks in DRA will be worked our soon enough.
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    and the rumors are once again resuscitated! More lives than a vampire cat!
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    You were one of the original rumor starters about one year ago if my memory serves me correct.....
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  5. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    Van, you gave me an idea for a new thread...........
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    Getting rid of Express P2 might cause problems if some customers prefer to use that service. It may happen, but looks like we'll lose plenty of volume anyways with big shippers moving to Ground. I don't see our Ground contractors here saying the company is telling them to start hiring more drivers or start reconfiguring rts. Could be that those services will still be available to those who want them, but there will eventually be alot less of them shipped. But it does look like the idea of having Express pick them but Ground deliver them is a no go.
  7. bbsam

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    and a beautiful monster she is, no?
  8. SmithBarney

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    I see it happening as a blind option to customers, say if you are in NJ and you select 2day service to NY, the system will automatically choose ground
    if you are in NJ and select 2day, shipping to California, it will automatically use the express network.

    Most customers will never see the difference(other than the service levels generally associated with Ground personnel.
  9. FedEx2000

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    Not sure why this is a big shock, they said from the get go that the only hourlies that would be offered the buyout were some admin positions in the whole thing, don't stop aftery you've read what you want to hear.
  10. vantexan

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    And then they published an updated Q&A stating all employees, FT and PT, with 5 continuous years of service were eligible. They stated some workgroups and job classifications would be "carved out" but didn't say who. Wasn't a big shock, knew it was a long shot, but why the intentionally vague wording giving false hope? And I did read the whole thing several times. They could have been much clearer and they should have had station mgrs informed from the get go to head off misinformation. Literally everyone in my station was talking about the buyout and who was going to take it. Just another way to mess with us.
  11. MrFedEx

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    I think he's telling you a half-truth. Maybe Express will keep cross-country E2, but anything that can make it in 2 days in a truck will be Ground. I would eventually expect to see all of the E2 go over to Ground. Oh, and we all know management at FedEx never lies, right?

    They have been saying from the beginning that couriers would not be getting buyouts. The second memo might have been a Red Herring for the hopeful, or it could have been simple clarification.
  12. vantexan

    vantexan Well-Known Member

    They could have done better. They gave the impression that the buyout had been opened to almost everyone. I doubt my station was unique in thinking that couriers were now eligible. I was even saying that couriers weren't eligible while hoping I was wrong. Everyone was saying no, couriers were included too. Should have never gotten that far.
  13. overflowed

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    I don't know why they would pay us to leave when everyone is on the verge of leaving anyway. They're at that line right now. A little bit more take away and people can't afford their mortgage, car payment, whatever. Many people are leaving recently. Which shows people are hiring again. They go farther over that line and people will leave in droves. When they start hitting that high turnover it starts to cause real problems. They PAY people to figure out where that line is.
  14. MrFedEx

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    I agree. I think a lot of middle-range people were just waiting it out and hoping that maybe there would be something. Probably a few very high seniority people too, thinking Fred would give them an incentive to leave. Nope.
  15. hypo hanna

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    Oh I don't think it was deliberate. I believe they are simply too stupid and shortsighted to see the consaquinces of their decisions.
  16. TUT

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    They would have to update the Service Guide and tell customers. This would have lawsuit all over it and if just one customer figured it out, it would spread.
  17. I Am Jacks Damaged Box

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    This last peak was an excellent example of such.


    Brother, you answered your own question...anything they can do to keep that carrot dangling for us, they will do. Remember, we work for the demented cousin of Beelzebub himself....he does what he wants.
  19. SmithBarney

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    They could, just like amazon, picks the best(cheapest) service for you. No lawsuit, they'd have no problem telling customers that "your package may or may not travel via our ground network" The only thing FDX would have to do, is have reliable pickup service from the Ground OPCO. of course almost all stations have a daily Ground pickup, so that could be a mute point.
  20. 59 Dano

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    Along with the idea of combined Ground/Express dispatch operations. I remember when that was going to happen any minute now, LOL.