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  1. tourists24

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    can someone please tell me exactly what these are and how they work... my route is being eaten up with them and the only thing that Im told is that they are time committed accounts that pay us for specified delivery windows... can anyone elaborte on this a little more and how they fit into EDD and PAS? kinda hard staying on trace
  2. SSI accounts are something the BD reps promise a customer without asking input from the center or the driver. I have 4 that i am told i need to deliver before 11am. I almost never am able to get to them since EDD burys them in my load.
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    Well it sounds like you already know what it is, a committed delivery time to a customer. The purpose of this is to generate more delivery volume to that customer. A BD rep sells the SSI in hopes that the customer will request more of its vendors to send them packages via UPS. This generates more volume for our company. The BD rep is supposed to get with the center to identify the best delivery time for the account before it is made an SSI.
  4. tourists24

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    yeah,,, kinda have the jist of it... but dont even know what SSI stands for or how it is supposed to be implemented into your route (if at or what a BD sales rep is for that matter. how they come up with these leads and that sort of thing
  5. helenofcalifornia

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    Those timed-deliveries are a bitch to handle if the latest delivery time is 10 a.m. Obviously, the person setting it up has no idea of what a driver has to do before 10:30 a.m.
  6. tourists24

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    actually I wish they would set a couple of those up for me... it would get me outta some air deliveries:wink2:
  7. The Man

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    No they don't get you out of any air deliveries. Another way To hose the already stressed Driver.
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    Another promise BD makes and operations fails to implement.
  9. satellitedriver

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    SSI, defined by the U.S. Social Security Admin., is
    Supplemental Security Income.
    I know there is a joke in this regarding the BD dept.
    I am just too slow today, to word it correctly.
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    I'm not sure what SSI stands for but...

    It was intended as a "contract" service for certain consignees.

    They were supposed to get all their packages delivered together (air and ground).

    As was mentioned, it has a "scheduled" delivery time "window". That delivery time was "supposed" to be worked out between the center and customer.

    It was intended to accomplish two things...

    One, recognize that consignees are responsible for making shipping decisions in many cases.

    Second, it goes after something FedEx cannot do.

    They cannot deliver air and ground together because of their two networks. They also cannot tell their ground drivers what time to deliver a package because they are supposed to be contractors.

    This is what the service was designed to be.

  11. JustTired

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    While the concept is a good one......your use of the words "suppose to" pretty much sums it up. I would guess that BD is out there making promises that are hard to keep in some instances. In other words.... they aren't making sure with the center that things can be accomplished before making the commitment.

    While most businesses can be delivered within a certain timeframe, it might not be possible by the driver on that particular area. Without proper research, they could have several businesses on the same area committed to delivery within (let's say) 1/2 hour that are many miles apart. The only way for the center to accomplish it would be to send another driver into that area. While it may be worth it in the long run, the numbers won't show it as such.

    It would be much better to tell the customer that it's not workable than to promise them something that won't happen. But as with many salesmen, some will do anything it takes to make the sale. And it could hurt (more than help) the company in the long run.
  12. tourists24

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    JustTired,,, this is exactly what is happening on my route. I have about 10 of these accounts now (most bulk stops), all needing to be delivered by early commit times. But I also have a 10:30 commit area that is heavy on airs. No way it can all get done; Ive told the bosses this. I just do the best I can with what I got. It's sure not good customer service when they've been promised one thing but dont get it
  13. overallowed

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    I have 4 SSI accounts on my route, and because of air commits, I seldom get to any of them on time. Nobody says a word. One of them is Walmart, and they said they don't care when I get there. They said some days they hope I don't show up. I just keep doin' what I do, and if nobody whines, that is a good thing.
  14. tourists24

    tourists24 Well-Known Member

    some of mine do and some dont. My Walmart does say something, although they too say if I want to skip them entirely, that's ok
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

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    We have been told that we have a contract with Gamestop to have their stuff delivered by noon. I also deliver both WalMart and Sams and deliver them first as the bulk leaves me no other option. They also have told me that it would be OK for me to skip them for a day but the girl in receiving at Wally is cute so that ain't gonna happen.
  16. Big Babooba

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    We have SSI accounts because Some Stupid Idiot set them up. :angry: The reasoning for having them is valid,but the BD people sometimes promise the customer something that can't be done.
  17. FredL507707

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    We've all read what SSI accounts are...basically they separate us from fedex. We know that we can be at any delivery at any point during the day...9:00, 10:00,'s just how much do we have to break off to do so? I have 4 SSI's and I just think of them as airs, period. No big deal.
  18. govols019

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    Yeah, not being able to deliver a stop early, even if the customer requests you to, because of SSI really helps separate us from FedEx.:surprised:
  19. Big Babooba

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    Exactly. I've been spoken to because I got to an SSI account 1/2 hour early. I had to go there first because my car was loaded up to the bulkhead with their packages. The center manager said I should have prerecorded it. I told him that I would be falsifying information if I did.
  20. Bloodybrown

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    SSI, sychronized solutions inbound. The intent is to get all or more of the customers business, BD sells it as, we will hit a delivery window for the customer if they route all their vendors packages through UPS. It allows the customer to use one carrier and get all there package at about the same time everyday. These accounts have increased volume over those that are not SSI accounts and yes there should be center and driver involvement instead of it getting shoved down a drivers throat.