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    I have noticed alot of UPS stepvans are different then other Stepvans I have seen. I looked under wikipedia at Utilimaster and one of the clients is UPS. I have looked at the newest UPS trucks out there and I have seen the body looks familiar to other companies out there but the front end is different. So does UPS have their trucks specially ordered?
  2. Pip

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    yes, package cars are ordered to a specific UPS standard. In all honesty, the untrain eye might think they are like all others, but there is a good bit of specialized features that you will not find in other vehicles on the road.

    When a UPS package car has reached it's end, it is smashed. You will never see an old package car on a used car lot or a car auction or eBay.
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    Pip, in Europe (Germany) you see once n a while an old packagecar on Ebay.
    At this moment there is only one, but this one may also be an old DPD-pkgcar. - 120137243601.
    But I`ve seen some P36`s before on ebay germany.

    In Holland i`ve seen one old UPSpkgcar which drove in my center!! for sale as a truck for transporting horses.
    A taillift installed, windows in the side.
    And still the brown colour!!!!!

    And that is forbidden, MB sprinters or other models that are sold have to be painted (white) and before they leave the center decals are taken off.
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    How would we call this one...
    DTM2006 022.jpg
  5. dutchups

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    Found two other pictures, same "van"....
    DTM2006 2.jpgDTM2006 3.jpg
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    dutchups, you got me there. I never give it a thought about over seas. I can tell ya far as here, the retired package cars are crushed. We even take the decals off, or paint them to hide the decals. or grab a couple gallons of paint(no color in particular) here for transport to the crusher. by the time these older cars are retired, they aren't worth anything except the going price of scrap metal.

    Curious, over in your area, how long do you usually keep the package cars running? most cases here it is 20 years, give or take a couple. even seen a couple pushing 27 yrs. in service.

    PS. in those picture, I hope they are not package cars..... they look more like supercharged golf carts.
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    The msrp on the brand new p700's with the sliding rear doors is $37,000 and change. I'm not sure how much other companies newer stepvans cost but I have a feeling we pay more for ours.

    The 24 year old p500 I drive everyday was around $18,000 brand new. It has almost 550,000 miles on it. Would a p800 with a car number 801*** be older than a p500 with the car number 505***?
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    Man, that would be sweet for me. All I do is a lot of small package air stops.
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    :w00t:Now that's a stylin' irregular/bulk train power unit!:thumbup1:
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    Where I work we get a daily delivery from UPS. One day our carrier had a new truck. From what he said it was a gasoline powered truck. Mostly UPS has been having diesel trucks. He didnt like the new truck but he was glad to get his old truck back.
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    Here is one white P36, I haven`t been able to ask what was going to happen with this one.
    Normally you don`t see them at a center.

    As to the question about the age, they imported several P36`s from Germany.
    We got the old ones off course and used them for almost 10 years.
    When they arrived they probably were also about that same age.

    That "golfcar" is vehicle the UPS-Porsche teams pitlane car....
    witte p36brcaf.jpgsprintersbrcaf.jpgivecobrcaf.jpg
  12. JustTired

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    I always have to laugh...........

    When they bring in a wrecked package car, they always have the logo taped over. Like nobody's going to know that it's a UPS vehicle. I guess that's how dumb they think the general public is.
  13. RockyRogue

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    I've even seen the decals painted over or otherwise removed for long distance transfer. I'm told long-distance package car transfer are via rail. Does UPS really think that a train-car passing through a populated area with brown delivery trucks riding piggy-back isn't going to be recognized as a UPS vehicle :w00t:? -Rocky
  14. Cementups

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    When they paint ours in white to go to the scrap yard it is brushed like whitewash. Looks hideous.
    There is actually a junk yard about 15 miles from that I went looking for parts in one day and there was a pile of about 10 different P500's. Most a nything usble was already picked clean.
  15. dammor

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    I can tell ya far as here, the retired package cars are crushed.

    So are the retired package car drivers............
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    All delivery vans are from the same manufacturer, UPS, FED-EX etc, the only this difference is the hood. UPS has a patient on that. That is why weather new or old they have round headlights except for sprinters(p-47-p-57)
  17. Cementups

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    Billy needs a dictionary.
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    801 series are 84-85, 505 series are 85-86
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    When package car are painted white, they serve at the airport for the pilot to drive to the plane. We use to have one painted yellow, it was the shop car for dvir at the hub.