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    hey, just checking in to tell everyone i'm still laid-off...anyone else out there still driving day to day?...

    anyways...i have a question...

    I drive Mondays at 9:15, then they change my start time for the next day to 2:00 pm....i was wondering what the contract is about Monday start times...I thought if you start the week at a specific start time, you will work that start time for the rest of the week....anyone know more about this issue? thanks alot!
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    Welcome back ... it's been a month or so since I've seen those tonsils.

    PS - I resisted the obvious since I did not want to offend rod.
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    A lot of things vary from local contract to local contract so you should talk to your shop steward and get a copy of your contract to read for yourself. It's your right to have a copy of your own contract and your shop steward should have one for you or can get one for you from your local.
    Good Luck to you Mainebrown.
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    It seems to me that you are the one easily offended----who censored who?:wink2:
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    Mainebrown, here's some relevant language from the New England Supplement, although I'm not sure how it applies to you if you are mostly on layoff and only working occasionally. Probably depends on what additional details your Business Agent has worked out with Management.

    Section 2 --- Bidding
    (A) Biennial Bid
    (1) In each location, a schedule of all starting times in each classification shall be posted for bid on the second Monday in February and shall remain posted for two (2) weeks.

    Package (Metro) driver starting times shall also include the general area of the route and feeder driver starting times shall also indicate if the assignment is over or under 140 miles.

    (2) Full-time seniority employees, in the order of their seniority and provided they are qualified for the job selected, shall have the right to select starting times in any classification (except Lead Drivers) from the schedule posted. Except as provided herein, such selection shall be held until the next bid.

    Section 1
    (a) Five (5) days shall constitute a normal week's work for local employees from Monday to Friday, inclusive, and the hours of labor each day shall be worked in uninterrupted succession. All time worked in excess of eight (8) hours per day shall be paid for as overtime at one and one-half (1½) times the normal rate.

    (b) Full-time employees hired after July 31, 1987 shall have a workweek of five (5) consecutive days, Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday.

    (c) The schedule when changed shall be posted by the Employer on Monday to become effective on the following Monday.

    Section 2
    (a) Employees ordered to report for work before their starting time shall be guaranteed eight (8) hours' work or pay in addition to the time worked before their starting time, with time and one-half (1½) for all hours worked over eight (8) hours. Any employee ordered to work after his regular starting time shall have his time refer back to his regular starting time.

    (b) Employees ordered to report for work before such starting time shall be paid at time and one-half the appropriate rate for that day for work prior to the regular starting time.

    (c) Part-time employees called to work before their regular start time shall be paid at straight time for work prior to the regular start time plus their guarantee.

    Section 3
    (a) Any employee who is called or reports as scheduled, unless advised not to report, shall be guaranteed a minimum of eight (8) hours' work or pay.
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    Touche ... got me there! :funny:
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    You're laid off and when they offer you work you are bitching about them changing your start time? Are you kidding me? If I were laid off and they offered 5 different start times for the following week I would simply show up at those times and do whatever work they had for me, but I guess that's just me.
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    Me, too
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    you would be bitching just like i am! upstatenyupser. If they aren't aloud to change my start time but do so anyway making me work different shifts at different pay rates; you would look into it...but your not, because its not happening to you....before you comment about other peoples your own posts and see what kind of **** you complain about.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Where should I forward the Kleenex?
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    Wow, being a little harsh don't ya think ?
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    How, exactly, are you laid off and still driving? Do you mean that you are on call? If you were laid off your only options would be work in the hub or stay home and collect unemployment. If you are on call, you have no start time, hence "on call".
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    This was harsh?
    LOL Upstate was being really really nice! Truuuuust me. :wink2::rofl:
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    Well dill, I trust ya ;). *********************:happy-very:
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    I do have 2 boxes ...
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    Are you a reg temp driver? Thats the only wayI believe they can do that
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    I kinda had the same thought.

    where are we going with this are you asking if you have the right to refuse what work you are being offered while laid off?
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    Thanks Dave, I about fell outta my chair!:surprised:
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    Be careful about how you address that situation. You might be biting the hand that feeds. Sure you can fight them on changing your start time but will it be worth it? You may find that they start finding ways to not use you if you do stir things up. I'm not going to try and say I know what you should do but I will say you should pick your fights wisely.
  20. UnsurePost

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    In New England, at least in our local, if you are laid off from driving for more than 2 weeks consecutively and on FT list you are "laid off" from driving. Then you can deny the work if you do not want it or you can work what they offer.

    If that is true for Maine, and they are unhappy, I would deny the work for a couple weeks, collect unemployment as "laid off" and look for another job.