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Ive only been driving for two years. My start time has gone from 8:20 to 8:50. This is insane. And the pre-load still isnt wrapped for another 20 minutes. By the time i get to my area its 9:45. With a 10:30 commit...i am under the gun. How is someone expected to work safe and follow methods with 45 minutes to deliver 18 airs spread through your loop? Yet...everyday we get a message after leaving the building "do a straight air run if late exceptions". Im here to work but this is abuse!


Talk to the center manager,tell him you cant do it without breaking the speed limit.If that fails tell them you will have late air when you
leave the bldg.18 stops spread out in 45 min is impossible in some areas.


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You must be on PAS/EDD. Isn't it wonderful? What will they think of next to screw service up?:confused:1


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Same here, except our start time has been backed up to 9:05, and you don't leave the parking lot till 9:25. I asked about the late trailers from the hub, and am told this is the way it is. You can be unsafe and get all your airs off, but if you have an accident or injury by taking shortcuts-management will blame YOU!


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Make sure to tell sup. you could have late airs. Deliver only next day airs. No savers, 2nd days, or grounds. If you have a late air you are covered. Its managements problem now.

Had a driver fired, because he would always try to delivery one bulk stop b4 10:30 along with his next day airs. He would have late airs and get warning letters about late airs. We tried and tried to get him to only deliver airs, but would always try to get that bulk stop in. Well, the 2nd time they fired him was the last time they fired him.

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You guys are tootin the same horn I hear around here. Although....the latest we roll out is maybe 8:45. I usually have anywhere between 12-26 airs. Ever since we pushed the start time to 8:30 I've been more prone to delivering airs only just to play it safe. It totally screws my time up though. It's VERY difficult to have a good day if I run all the air seperately. I like to run under plan. Not to keep the brass happy but because it's one of the goals I set for myself everyday. That's one of the ways I keep motivated with this job. Setting different goals every day helps keep the job from turning into the same exact thing day after day.


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running just your nda first is nothing new. i was doing that 8 years ago. you need to know that big brown does not care about getting the air off on time. they are just looking at how lean they can run. be safe


Same thing here guys! We used to start at 807 now its 820 and leaving the lot around 9. Were an extended center and it takes some guys 40 min to get to their area. With 50 min to run your airs we strictly deliver airs only and still deliver some late. We just text in and let them know. They very seldom do anything about it. I really wonder if they care. We have had numerous sups and mgrs that were gonna fix the preload but it hasn't happened yet. We finally got to the point where 90% of the guys are taking a lunch, driving 55, and bringing back misses. It seems to be the only way to keep them from overdispatching us. We text in daily to let them know if we will finish or not and sometimes they let us violate the 10.5 hour limit and other times they have us bring the misses back. Not sure what there rational is, but service is suffering!