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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Oct 15, 2008.

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    I read this tonight from the Atlantic and it made me laugh!

    John McCain could not finish a complete sentence without changing his thought process halfway thru a sentence. A basic fundamental of public speaking is to complete the sentence you started.

    John constantly loses his train of thought, loses the point halfway thru and then tries to put together a rag-tag answer and try to somehow connect it to the question that was originally asked.

    His "canned" responses fell flat in my opinion, but other than that, he demonstrated a poor sense of speaking altogether.

    Count how many times he lost his train of thought, went sideways then backwards and ended up back on "joe the plummer".

    The whole "joe the plummer" skit was a joke at best. The CNN coverage I saw had the graph of the live audience grading the debate and when it came to "joe the plummer' the gauge fell flat to negative.

    Horrible to say the least for McCain.

    My prediction is a gain of over 5+ plus points for OBAMA going into the weekend.

    Count how many times John McCain mis-speaks and sez the wrong words and he has to stop and correct himself.

    Count how many times he "failed" to answer the question directly.

    Listen to him breathing like "darth vader" while OBAMA was speaking was scary. At one point, I thought he was going to keel over at the desk and OBAMA would have to mouth to mouth him to keep the debate going!

    Geez, sounded like my 90 year old grandfather when he sleeps!

    I cant see how anyone thought McCain won this or any debate in this election cycle.

    As the writer said, "McCain can barely bring himself to grind out the syllables".

    Case and point.
  2. over9five

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    It's "S T U T T E R", my uneducated friend. Please learn to spell before you denigrate my candidate!

    And do you have to capitalize the whole name Obama? Is that the only way you can make him seem important? It's not working....
  3. The Other Side

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    Made you comment on it. Seems to have captured your attention.

    Mission Accomplished.
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    Stuttering has nothing to do with intelligence
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    A man who spent his time in the military, and the senate, speaks a little different than a harvard student. I dont think McCain ever spent much time in speech classes.
    At least he didnt Um and uh this time, must be his speech writers slammed him. Obama is so very annoying when the majority of his words are a a aand, uhhhhh, but hes quite empty anyway. You also speak differently when you are using your own thoughts than when you are rehashing talking points.
  6. outamyway

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    "uh, uh, eh, uh, uhm"




    Barack Hussein Obama * - Political Hero? Radical Leftist? Uh Tick Tell Stutter lie liar lying Policy Marxist Socialist Wright junior senator inexperience nobama uhbama obamanable snowjob Presidential Election John McCain PUMA Sarah Palin
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    Thanks outamyway, tried to rep you but alas, I must spread rep around more first. Thanks for putting this up, it was what I was trying to say....How could anyone in their coherent mind say McCain cant talk after listening to this yahoo. HAHAHAHAHAHA good stuff!1
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    John "wood" McCain

    Palin Gets Kinky?