Study: Middle managers turn to unethical behavior to face unrealistic expectations

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by SmithBarney, Oct 8, 2017.

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    Unfortunately for Penn State they don't have Joe Paterno around anymore to cover up his subordinate's behavior with wins, bowl appearances and dump truck loads of money. And at Ground due to it's excessive economization I saw a lot of stuff over the years get swept under the table at my station for the sake of getting that damn cardboard box out to where it was supposed.
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    Obvious to anyone not in academia. What's their next study? Watering plants helps them grow?

    Management may find that this next generation may not be as quick to cow tow to their lofty expectations.
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    Wait a minute! According to OF it's those lazy employees that cause mgrs to get after them. Managers do no wrong!
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    That’s already going on now with attendance, punctuality and work ethic (or lack there of). They don’t want to come to work and when they do, if they don’t want to deliver stuff they code them up. They tell management what they’re NOT going to do and management doesn’t push the issue because they’re afraid they won’t come to work or they’ll quit. I’ve actually heard managers say that. Lol.
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    As I've said here a million times when the usual suspects were swearing up and down that management is doing this or that to target one class of employee or another for termination: it is rare that management will fire anyone. About the only thing they're comfortable addressing via termination is an egregious violation of the acceptable conduct policy.
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    While I agree with you as that’s the case in my station, they also could be right about management targeting people. Turnover is very high in my area because higher paying jobs aren’t too hard to find. In other areas, Fedex is a pretty decent job which gives management more power over workers.
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    Did you mention lazy employees? That description has your name all over it. Bummer
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    I've seen only a few firings over the years and they were valid. Biggest problem with many mgrs is the blatant dishonesty. They'll say anything to manipulate us into what they want. That's a real problem when you've moved 1000 miles on your own dime. Or just so many other situations. FedEx has huge trust issues, and it's not just about pay.
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    Ever run a route at 150%? I'll put my numbers up against your's any day Oldfat.
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    I forgot you ran 150% everyday and had managers and directors begging you to work for them.

    Wait. You also said every Manager and Senior Manager you ever worked for lied to you, misled you and did you wrong. If you were such a great employee, why did they all try to get rid of you? Kinda makes you wonder. Bummer
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    For someone who claims to be a Christian you sure do lie a lot. Again, I transferred into a lot of super heavy routes that locals wouldn't touch. You on the other hand got a sweet route early and held on for dear life. Takes cajones to do a cake route every day Oldfat. Your knees are probably good until you're 90.
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    And you know what route I ran how?

    Did you lie when you kept telling us every manager you worked for lied to you, misled you, did you wrong?

    Then you said managers wanted you to work for them because you ran 50sph and 150% everyday. Did they lie to you or want you to work for them. Or did they lie to you when they told you they wanted you to work for them? You have told so many stories, I bet you can't even keep them straight.

    Either way, you no longer work for the company yet you worry constantly about pay, benefits and everything else and it doesn't even concern you any more. You got your wish and retired. Why not enjoy it instead of worrying about something that has no affect on you?
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    Again, saying things I never said. Commonly referred to as lies. You sure lie a lot for a Christian. And I was on this forum long before you and considering your advanced age not to mention God might strike you down any second now for being a lying liar who lies, I'll most likely be here long after you Oldfat.
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    glad I'm retired cause I don't give a damn anymore. wish I had that attitude while working. would have slept better and no stomachaches.
  16. Oldfart

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    You will be here till the day you die. You no longer work here and yet you worry and complain about things that happened years and years ago. You should enjoy retirement, I guess your memory must be going if you can't remember complaining about how managers have done you wrong in the past. Surely you remember telling us how the company did you wrong and how managers lied to you. I guess I could look around and find about 100 examples but why bother. You said it and NOW you deny it. WOW. That is amazing.
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    What's amazing is you lie about what I've said then act like it's my problem. An openly lying Christian. Maybe you should crack open the Bible and learn something. I guess the bigger picture is why do you feel the need to defend the company when it so blatantly took advantage of it's own employees? Is making money your only guiding principle? Just sweep everything else under the rug as long as money is being made? I hope you do look around and find examples. Show me where I ever said ALL my managers did me wrong. I hope this one point sinks in. For years FedEx directed it's managers to look us in the eye and tell us the company was looking at midrange pay and they were going to address it soon. They for almost two decades told newhires they'd top out in 7 to 8 years. They came out with a pay plan that would top us out in seven years AFTER we reached the mid point only they glossed over the fact it would take us 20 years or longer to get to the midpoint. Everything was smoke and mirrors with them essentially saying that they were going to keep on taking advantage of us because as "just couriers" we were too stupid to realize they were. They almost did themselves in by going too far. It became so obvious what they were doing that the young newhires quickly realized what was going on and many quit. The topped out guys were starting to retire in bigger numbers and the midrange employees were highly disgruntled and the newbies were quitting. THAT'S WHY THEY FINALLY CAME OUT WITH THIS NEW PAY PLAN. They had to or the company would eventually fail. Guys like you who were happy with what they had weren't going to be around forever. Yet you think if you attack whoever points this out they'll go away. Doesn't change the fact that many of us worked most of our most productive years in hopes of better pay that would allow us a few things in life plus a decent retirement and were lied to and manipulated so that FedEx executives could enrich themselves. If you stubbornly insist on attacking me personally then I will continue to point this out. If you can't help yourself then neither can I. Up to you chief.
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    Earth to Tex. It's time to move on. You CAN'T go thru life filled with bitterness and hatred. This is 2017. Breath deep and let it go. Letting something that happened years ago at a job YOU NO LONGER work at eat at you and keep you from sleeping every night because the hate has built up is not healthy.

    You keep bringing up things that happened almost 10 years ago and it drives you nuts thinking about it. Must suck being so full of hate and bitterness.
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    I bring up things that were happening to midrange employees two years ago and you feel the need to attack me personally to try to keep the lid on what the company did. Don't want me pointing it out? Stop the attacks. Otherwise I'll keep letting the world know what they did.
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    Van, it really is nice having OldAF.. OldFat.. on ignore.
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