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    So I've been considering Sunrise shift because it works better for me right now. I've read on here that it's one of the harder shifts, but other places, I've read other shifts (twi) are harder. Either case, I was wondering, why does Sunrise usually have Preload behind it(like on job sites)? And can you do load/unload/sort during Sunrise shift or is it strictly one?

    I'm guessing since people have said it's a harder shift, that it's busy during that time? Or is it a slower shift?

    And last question, for now, if you're a loader, what's the system on how to know which box goes in what truck? Not sure if it helps any, but my location is in the Toledo OH area.

    Does this forum allow Private messages? I haven't been able to figure out how, if it does.

    Thanks for your insight! :)
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    It's a harder shift because you have to think. And it is busy.
    The PAL label ( a separate label created in the unload ) will indicate which truck and location on the truck.
    For new members I believe there is a waiting period before they can PM others. Don't know how long.
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    I can help you with one of your questions as far as knowing what packages go in what truck and where
    this goes for a boxline, I hear there's other ways the packages come to cars but I've only used the box line
    so you're gonna have like 3 trucks and those three trucks will be designated a color, that color will match the color of a bin on the boxline, every box in that bin goes into one of your trucks
    There will be a tag with a 3 digit number and a 4 digit number on every box you pull from your bin, the 3 digit number designates the truck and the 4 digit number designates the spot the package goes inside the truck

    The system is easy enough to learn (I had it down my 1st day with no misloads) but everyone has their own tips and tricks to doing the job faster. Those you will learn in time and with practice
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    So if you work Sunrise, is the only position you can do is load? Or are there unloaders and sorters on that shift too?
  5. Scottyhawk

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    Preload shift in the morning at my building, unloaders unload the 53' trailers, sorters on the specific walls and loaders
    I sort and load straight trucks
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    you must be very well liked you get a choice?
  7. Scottyhawk

    Scottyhawk What is it? A brown box. Duh

    Work as directed lol
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    Yes, there are different jobs. In a small center like mine there are only 4 jobs. Unload (trailers), SPA (scan pkgs), load (package cars) and clerk. In the bigger hubs there are more. Clerk positions are hard to get into, usually they are filled by a senior PT. Unload usually goes to the least senior but this not a hard fast rule. Like Scotty said, Work as Directed.
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    If you are looking for an easy job, you may want to look somewhere else. I've worked all of the shifts and they're all the same b.s. "The grass is always greener" is right. jmo ;)
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    Sleeve, does Sunrise have slow times and/or do all the shifts? reason asking, I've seen videos people have made and it's early morning shift and it was slow. I know it won't always be like that though.

    Thanks for all the info you guys gave :) I realize it's hard work, and I'm up for it. I wasn't sure about why it's listed as Sunrise/Preload, so thought I'd ask along with some other questions and you guys answered.
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    People are saying its a harder shift because they are too lazy to get up at 3am in the morning, lazy ****. Yes, you can do loading, unloading and sorting during sunrise shift but you can't choose.

    Like faded jeans said, there's this sticker thing called PAL label.
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    thanks klolx for your input, and I figured ppl wouldn't be so lucky as to choose which position.
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    LOL Ya, the slow times are called breaks. :happy2:
  14. Do you mean Sunrise like loading Tractor Trailers or Preload like Loading Package cars ? There is a difference , at least in my hub .
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    Well that's part of what I was asking, why it usually states Sunrise/Preload, at least that's how I usually see it. Wasn't sure why that shift had 2 and the others didn't.
  16. Sunrise is loaded through the Hub going to other outbound hubs . Jobs consist of any job that Twilight , Midnight , etc would normally have . Preload is the shift that loads the brown package cars consisting of loading , unloading , sorting as well . But done differently at the same time . Preload only loads destinations going around town and to neighboring towns . The reason its called Sunrise/Preload is due to the fact that its on the same shift . Just one is a Hub deal and the other is a center deal . They both start and end around the same time . As far as if its easier , The preload is probably the hardest job in the building but at the same time the best IMO . The Sunrise sort in my building was the easiest you could get on .
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    I'm freaking on-call. WTF BBQ? and I'm told there's no such thing as 3 1/2 hr per day guarantee. Really frustrating
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    Didn't want to start another thread so I figured I'd add the question here. I heard today (from someone that doesn't work at ups) that basically, if you're not going to school, then UPS won't hire you. Is this true? I would think no, because that's money they don't have to pay out to reimburse. And, it didn't make sense since I'm sure there are drivers & others out there who aren't going to school. Not sure where the person got their info from but just wanted to know if there's any truth to this or not. Thanks!
  19. No, and in fact it would be discrimination , Which is illegal .
  20. UnsurePost

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    Well my experience in the buildings, there is little to no "slow time" or down time, unless you are wrapping up at the end of the shift. If you work quickly enough you can catch up to the work and have brief moments, but then the supervisors will be breathing down your neck looking from more water from the stone. ;)