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    Lokks like it's only true in Ca. Anyone got any details as to how many hours this guy was working?
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    I think The question to ask is what work this guy was doing....

    I don't know this 100%, but here is my guess.

    The key to that article was that UPS improperly classified him as "exempt". I essence, the court says that this person was not a full time management person.

  3. well we used to get overtime around here after 5.5 hours, not anymore though, now its after 8, which is fine i worked 9.5/10 hour days a lot during peak lol

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    Two Fridays ago, one of my fav sups worked from 0600-2130. All I can say is I hope Michael Marlo opens the flood gates to the sups (the ones that aren't dinks) getting what they deserve.

    They do have a crappy job (at least where I'm stationed from) and work longer hours then the drivers (onroads do). To top it off, they can't say anything negative about higher ups like we can, even though we all know the higher ups are the problem.
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    Very true. You divide the hours all of these sups are working with their base pay and i really feel for some of them, even if they are mgt..its just not right.
  9. hangin455

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    Does anyone have any particulars as to what this guy was doing and how many hours he was working?
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    A new DM came in to the district yrs ago and started to piss people off so Marlo took him on. Working long hours with no compensation, there are a lot more sups with open claims