Supervisor asked Package Car Drivers to unload

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Thought I'd seen it all until . . .

Nearly all of the Pre-load employees who unload/scan/sort the packages from the feeder trucks punch out at about 9:00am, which, of course, is the time when the Package Car Drivers are getting ready to have their brief morning meeting and then get in their loaded up trucks & go.

Today, at about 8:10am, I noticed that my Supervisor sent all of the newer employees home, and I thought it was odd because we still had a good bit of packages to get finished and sent down to the workers who load the package cars.
(Wouldn't have thought it was odd to send the newer employees home on any other day -- if we're very close to being completely done, but today we weren't.)

Then, to my complete disbelief, the Supervisor walked around the building looking for any Package Car Drivers who may have come in early and rounded them up and had them do the various pre-loader jobs of the employees who he just sent home ! ! !

So, the drivers (in full UPS uniform because they were getting ready to start their deliveries in about an hour) helped us finish unloading/scanning/sorting all of the packages that we needed to get done !

What's the point of even having a union procedures book/supplement if absolutely no one in the building follows any of the procedures in it?
My building needs a surprise visit from some higher-up somebody that cares if rules are followed -- both UPS rules and Union rules.


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As long as the part timers got their guarantee there's really nothing that can be done.

It won't stop until drivers start getting injured 20 minutes before start time.


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simple solution.... force the sup to train you on every single method that would be used for this task. then have them show you again to make sure you understand it. then move at a healthy safe union pace. then file 9.5


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It's not so much the hourly wage as it is trying to interpret and unscramble whatever PT worker X did before leaving unfinished work on the belt. And then fighting to do anything in the AM with commits coming up.
i am just showing the pay difference which makes it stupid


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The company has every right to run their business into the ground. They operate on the principal that NOTHING matters as long as "YOUR" numbers look good.


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The company has every right to run their business into the ground. They operate on the principal that NOTHING matters as long as "YOUR" numbers look good.
Every part is run like its own little company within a company and has to show a profit. By their numbers. Doesn't matter if they charge time to someone else and costs the entire company money overall.


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Guys come in and start early here all the time. Whatever man, go get that ot, just don’t expect me to be anywhere near the building until 10 mins before start time


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Those drivers must be cool with that Sup. Driver's start at their stop time. Sound like they were trying to cut bodies to save face on their PL production. Does make since to show high driver AM or OA for the preload.


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wonder if those package car drivers are even on the clock. some are so scared they come in early and work for free.

we had the same thing in feeder. guys would start off the clock loading up their tractors, washing them , etc. some would even make up their sets so they could get onroad ontime which was such a big deal.

ya, the supes wanted 100% outbound ontime but that never happened while I was around.