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god is dead
I told other supervisors about how a certain supervisor yelled at me and another employee during work, then after work he calls me on my phone (im already at home) calling me ratboy, saying this is the streets and that i can’t be talking/ratting about him. He then says if i spread “rumors” about him, he’ll spread rumors about another employee and me in the restroom.

I tried getting witnesses, they all backed down cuz they dont want to be targeted by supes, and I’ve been advised to go the the ethics hotline as opposed to shop stewards.

Thoughts? I am a part time package handler
I would tell him to quit fronting and that my address is on my paycheck. If he got a problem he can come find out for himself what is real in the streets.

Sacrificial Lamb

Package Shepherd
File on it. He wants to make your life hell than make his hell. Request a shop steward each time he gets ornery and start building that paper trail.

Sacrificial Lamb

Package Shepherd
Tell him you sorry and to make it up to him you gonna by him dinner. Tell him to meet you at a restaurant of his choice, then kick his ass when he gets there