1. 104Feeder

    Members Sold Out by TU

    Subcontracting. Every Feeder Driver hates this more than anything. Every Package Driver waiting to go to Feeders should be even more pissed because subcontracting keeps you in that non-air conditioned Package car. 150 bundled grievances regarding subcontracted LOCAL work were denied, DENIED...
  2. meritocracy

    Filing grievances before hitting seniority?

    UPS recorded an incorrect start and end time on my time card. They haven't fixed it after I brought it to the attention of a supervisor, so I'd like to file a grievance. The issue is that I haven't reached my seniority date yet. Given that I don't have seniority, is it a bad idea for me to file...
  3. J

    Timecard adjustment voids payroll grievances

    My Supervisor is claiming that because an adjustment was made to my timecard a grievance would be null but I still haven't been paid for $110 of overtime for 5 preload hours missing from my wallet. he also claims it takes a week for an adjustment to go through, which I don't understand how that...
  4. T

    22.3 fsp job description questions

    First off i’m new to this forum so i’m not sure if i’m going about this the right way. i just had questions i couldn’t find that i needed answered I’m a 22.3 fsp with alittle less than a year seniority. the sups are telling me i’m going to start a nighttime air run i used to do before i became a...
  5. C

    what should I do?

    Hey yall, I started Feeder back in September and since I've started I've had issues with my pay rate. for whatever reason it says my current pay rate is $15.00 hr and payroll has to go in every week to adjust it. I filled a grievance 3 weeks ago about the issue because I was in the system as...
  6. Asher513

    Wrongfully terminated, what do I do?

    To make an unnecessarily long story short, I was terminated for going into quarentine. I followed procedure, did all my homework. I got a letter telling me to update my employment status within 72 hours or further disciplinary action would be taken 3 days after my quarentine started on May 5th...
  7. R

    Ups Intent to Terminate

    Hey everyone! I am currently a pre loader at UPS and have recently got an intent to terminate. It happened within a 2 week span. I first got a warning on Monday last week for waking up late, and then one on Friday for the same reason. I then bought a new alarm and this Wednesday it didn’t go off...
  8. Proud To Be A Scab

    Steward protecting drunk

    So...there's a drunk on the preload. Wreaks of alcohol. Carries a flask. Has a hard time seeing package labels. Nearly runs over employees in the parking lot while coming into work. Boasts about his alcoholism. Admits to being under the influence of alcohol and cannabis while on the clock. etc...
  9. N

    Unsure how to handle this or if I should

    im a yard walker in OK and I get to work do the usual and print off my yard walks well before I get to exit the office door my sup was like some driver from NJ broke down and left his trailer with 80% load in it on yard and we gotta offload it to another working trailer. So she and I and 1 other...
  10. U

    What happen to management or supervisor when a grievance is file against them?

    I heard here if 3 grievances file against a supervisor, he/she be fired. Is that true?
  11. A

    Can I Grieve When They Don't Pay Out My Sick or Optional Time?

    I'm a part time package handler in Worcester, MA. I work the pre-load, which compared to every other shift in my building, seems to have the absolute worst, and disrespectful supervisors. I constantly have issues when it comes to getting paid for days I book off, or even optional days I have...
  12. C

    What can I do?

    7 months in I had to use all my available occurrences due to a car wreck. Was told by my supervisor they were going to be gone by a certain day only for them to come back and try writing me up. My supervisor and union steward agreed that it was their mess up and I didn't get put on probation but...
  13. Heyump


    I load, and sometimes when it's overflowing I have to close the chute (manual belt) and clean up the floor of the truck. My part time sup got angry with me about it, had a full time top dawg come talk to me about it. I made the point that our safety should be the priority, he agreed and that was...
  14. Heyump

    Consistently understaffed

    Long time listener, first time caller here I'm a two year loader in a big hub located in the south. Management cuts our staffing to the bare minimum, and even sends people home when we are clearly in need of extra help. Week after week, we are constantly short and when I speak up I am told...
  15. BigJamesBrown

    FULL TIMERS still in PROGRESSION with seniority date by Aug 1st! Did you file your grievance!?!

    Full-time seniority employees still in progression with a seniority date before August 1st are contracted to receive the yearly wage increase along with the bare minimum wage progression rate!?!:clap:
  16. S

    Grounds for grieving

    So i’ve been working for ups for a year and a half as a loader, never had any issues besides the occasional filing grievances on supervisors working. Recently my work area was moved to a new area to accommodate the volume increase we got and so i have a new pt and ft sup. Both of them LOVE to do...
  17. S

    Back pay

    How long should I wait for a retro check? I was flipped from TCD to ft packages and after my first week ft my pay rate went from $30.77 TCD RATE to $18.75. HR is to blame because they put my ft seniority date before my seniority date as a cover driver. I notified HR and my center manager about...
  18. H

    Need Some Advice

    You're probably rolling your eyes because it seems like every PT worker come here to complain. I have a situation and I'm not sure how to handle it. I work preload in a small town. Our building is pretty small. Just two belts for loading and one sort isle of maybe 5 workers. I have been in my...
  19. O

    Can I file for a grievance?

    Ever since peak season ended at my hub they’ve been sending people home left and right most with way less seniority than me. I’m not even given the option if I want to leave. Also I’m not sure who I would file the grievance against I’m pretty sure it’s the full time sup that’s sending people home
  20. M

    Weak locals. How to address issue

    Hello guys and gals... Wanted to ask opinions on how to handle weak local issues. Our BA is beyond worthless, only speaks up to defend management (can't make this stuff up), drops grievances behind your back and won't hear harassment grievances due to "no discipline being attached to it." Many...