Supervisor tried to get me fired by attempting to bait me.

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by Returntosender, May 6, 2010.

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    Here's the story. I was working pick off along with four other workers. Supervisor walks up to me and another worker. Talks to the other worker first. Tells the worker in a calm, professional manner to try and sort the packages properly, correct packages on the right belts. Then the supervisor walks up to me, puts his face right in my face and tells me louldy, no missorts, put the packages on the rights belts. Me and this supervisor don't get along. In past, I have filed a harrassment grievance on this supervisor. Also multiple employees have also filed harrassment on the is supervisor. I'm assuming the supervisor was trying to make an example out of me. Baiting me into some kind of physical confrontation. By getting in directly in my face, creating a hostile work enivorment, and trying to provoke me into saying some type of threating response.

    Is what the supervior did to me a standard UPS play. Get in employee face, create a hostile work enviroment. So employee gets all emotional and does or says something stupid so management can fire employee.
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    yes...theres a ton of pressure on my bldg-2 supes have gotten tko'd in the last 3 months...relax-dont sweat it...eventually it will go away
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    Simply put the packages on the correct belt with no missorts and you'll never hear from the guy again.
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    You've been around too long to really believe that. If he was putting all the packages on the correct belt the guy would be yelling at him for going too slow.
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    If he does it again tell him in a calm and normal tone of voice to step out of your personal space and tell him you fell threatned.after the sort get a union rep and go speak to the manager about what happened make sure you use certain words like personal space and threatned,tell the manager that you are afraid of physical violence from this person and now you are afraid in your work place,even if none of this is true you gotta sell it like you you really believe this stuff.I dont play that s*** if you did it to a sup you would be fired.
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    Have you ever worked pickoff? The rule of thumb is I'm supposed to sort one package every two seconds. Keep in mind when the packages come to pick off the packages are in various sizes and weights, labels are not facing up. Do my six sided check and put the package on the right belt.

    I'm supposed to keep up with the unloaders so the feeder belts dont' stop. 6 vs 2, and not have any missorts. I can stop the missorts but the belts are going to stop more frequently. Then what, sup's going going to say why are the belts stoping, you guys move faster.

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    Yes if I were you I would run and tell on the supervisor... Don't forget to suck your thumb, while your telling. Then when you are all done telling one of the supervisors can change your diaper. I bet you have your mommy call you off, don't you... Pathetic...
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    What, you're still here? I thought you were gone but then, you just can't get any lower than socks. The next thing is the ground and that's for walking on and burying things in.

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    Sounds like we found his supe.
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    The only thing pathetic is the way many of you in management think that you can address employees. Verbal abuse and the creation of hostile work conditions are only a result of bad management.
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    The only thing even more pathetic is anyone who actually believes that the Socks that we are forced to deal with here is anything like the Socks at work. He talks a good game here but I bet he is nothing like this at work.
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    They did the same thing in our hub they called salting the load see if you catch it.
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    Just smile to the supe and say ok, those part-time supes are very,very temporary! :happy-very:
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    My comment was about the actions of the original poster’s supervisor, not UPSSOCKS. The most pathetic of all is people who butt in to every post and interpret everything wrong.
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    Stand nose to nose with the guy, look him straight in the eye, and when he is done talking ask him if he is finished.

    Don't look away until he walks away. I have learned you don't necessarily have to kick someone's ass to make it clear that you could kick his ass.

    And you avoid the whole battery charge and loss of job thing ,,,

    SWORDFISH New Member

    If your going to do this I encourage you to have a witness to what happens.
  19. Re-Raise

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    Why? At my center my word as to what happened carries as much weight as any supervisor's.

    Your situations may vary.
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    The OP is a PT kid working pickoff. You are a FT pkg car driver with 25+ yrs of service. The kid should have a witness.