Supervisors working...shocking right.

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by badupser, Apr 5, 2014.

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    First off I must say I'm newly joined to this fine community, but a long time creeper. Now, Sups have been working non stop (up from just the occasional) for at least 9 months now. My area sup as literally loaded every day since he transfered from twilight over a year and a half ago. Up until recently we've all held our tongues and our grievances, everyone was offered doubles if desired, we were getting ot every week, no one was denied theirs. Ofcourse, it didn't last and one by one the typical cuts occurred. I filed my first grievance in my 8 year tenure for sups working and my coworkers are following suit, but naturally management doesn't want to hear it. I have a really good steward, but honestly hes been stretched thin as the other 2 stewards recently went on disability and grievances are piling up everywhere. Any suggestions to else I can do to get this problem resolved before I retire?
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    If you've filed, there's a process already taking place. Follow up with your steward, and be patient. You can also contact your BA directly as he can also file grievances. If there's a steward shortage, and you want to make a difference, ask the other stewards if they could use some help, and get elected as an alternate steward.
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    Enjoy that check when it comes. Sups never seem to stop doing our work so you should have used a steady source of income!
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    Just keep filing and enjoy the free monies.

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    What local? If you're in the South, no one cares unless the sup's are driving..... Sup's do union work all day every day, while high seniority employees are willingly cut 1-2 hours before new hires (who don't file). I'm not saying it's right, but it's just the way it is.... people take their healthcare, and hustle to their second jobs. Welcome to part time America.
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    Phila metro. And had a hearing today with the sort manager. Said he was going yo put a stop to it and will try to get some pizza and t-shirts for the troops for all the great job were doing. Will see what happens.
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    Keep filing. Don't worry about the little stuff. As long as your grievances are being signed and turned in you should be good. Why not volunteer to help the steward out by running the signed copies to the the otherpposter said try and talk to the ba about another steward or you helping out. We had several part time union members that would run grievances by the hall on their way home cause they knew we had to get on the road.
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    That's where full time stewards can take turns coming in on reload and preload to oversee things that the part time guys can't because they are working.
  9. Yuup I'm the Central we have supervisors working all the time, I just filed a grievance for a supervisor loading for 30 minutes, my question is, can you file a grievance for a supervisor breaking jams?
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    I loved reading this. If I sit and watch the jam and call for someone to come over. I'm called a lazy do nothing. If I break the jam I'm stealing union work.
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  11. We always broke our own jams until we became short staffed for sending people away, then lately our new supervisor been just figuring out ways to work until he gets caught.
  12. Kinda figured people become supervisors so they didn't have to work, so you're right, you're lazy
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  13. FrigidFTSup

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    Solid logic. Because I do nothing the entire day but watch people work. Give me a break.
  14. RealPerson

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    If there are New Hires, in Central, Sups are allowed to work unfortunately. It is a HUGE loop hole that needs closed. They do not even have to be connected at the hip. The new hire can be loading in one truck and the Sup can be loading in another. We have such high turnover on out 2 sorts, that many supervisors are working constantly...
  15. Same thing in our hub
  16. 2hoursover

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    How much do you pay for your healthcare?
  17. 10 point

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    .....and misloading constantly.
  18. Anthonysg0113

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    It's funny how they didn't like the work, so they went into supervision. And you have to watch them like a hawk from touching boxes! Unless they're working with a new hire, I time 'em, then file 'em.
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  19. 10 point

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    Always improperly staffed.
  20. Bubblehead

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    I "love" how this what you took from this thread @FrigidPTSup.
    I read in no way, addressing an anomaly like breaking a jam, as what the OP was trying to convey?
    Do you have a guilty conscience?