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local 804 is all about the e-board election now and our supplement contract is on the back burner. we have not gotten a contract negotiation update since Nov 2nd (shameful). the current slate is split into two separate campaigning states plus an additional two other slates running. so regardless of who wins, when the dust settles we will have new people in office come Jan 1st. i assume they would then need to start negotiations all over again from scratch. let that retro check build baby! cause its gonna be awhile me thinx.

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Rest in peace wooba
Screenshot_2018-12-01 Two Outstanding UPS Supplements to be Re-Voted Soon - UPS Rising.png


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I think we all know UPS does not want it wrapped up until after peak.
Would not want that pesky "need to have 8 hours available" to force Saturday (during 70 hour rule) taking effect this year.

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Can someone please post the actual new language from the 2 supplements that are ready to be revoted?

It is extremely disturbing that the Teamsters Union continues to fail to fulfill their duty of fair representation during contract negotiations.

As far as I know; NONE of the 6 remaining local's whose supplements were rejected have allowed any union hourly members to observe the renegotiations.

The Teamsters have the authority to have members present during the renegotiations but refuse to do so.

No one wants this to turn into a Failure to fulfill the duty of fair representation during contract negotiations charge on the unions part.... or a Bargaining in bad faith on UPS's part NLRB charge.
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The two supplements that will be re-voted soon are the Central Pennsylvania Supplement and the Upstate and West New York Supplement.

Does anyone have the updated proposals for these 2 supplements?

Here is an update for the Metro Detroit 243 Rider. Rider Status Update.pdf

Don't count on this getting resolved anytime soon. The company is not being forthright. It has too be improved drastically or it will go down in flames.


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Even if every full timer voted I don’t think we still would have had the numbers to send them back to the table...
Be interesting to know the percentage of full timers that voted, we were only about 6% shy of a 50% turnout in the Atlantic so maybe if every full timer had voted it would have been enough.