Supplements and Riders

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Runner, Oct 27, 2007.

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    Thanks for posting that Link. I have not seen our Supplement yet and we are having our Local 728 Contract Meeting next Saturday.:thumbup1:

    (PS, don't run, its walk at a brisk pace)
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    Thanks Runner, got all the info I need to make a decision.:crying:
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    Thanks that's the first I have seen of our supplement. I noticed Aticle 50 of the Atlantic Area Supplement is missing, which is discharge ans suspension, cardinla infractions etc...I wonder if that means there's no change there, or that they left it out of that file etc...?
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    glad they posted the supplements.... EXCEPT THEY DIDNT POST OURS, the upstate NY one is up there, but not viewable...brilliant
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    The link was messed up, try this one: click
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    your a gem, thank you very much
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    there is also a major typo in the UNY the last paragraph of the first column of the last page.......unless they actually mean the typo....