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I hear this is the supplement @Gumby takes...


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any news on adjusting the wages on the permanent lists of ft people ?...maybe replacing them with 22.4 people as they retire ?


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seeing that there are numerous concerns about the costs of living across the country being much different will there be adjustments so that people living in high areas are paid more than people living in low cost area....this could be done based on real estate values...a fair system could surely be worked out among and between the Teamsters with help from UPS if needed. the current one size fits all is pretty odd .

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Don't ask me. I have been like the Children's book "The Giving Tree". You all have left me as a stump with little to know appreciation. You can wait on those!


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Nobody is getting a raise at almost 3% inflation and a 2% Raise and loosing the easiest day after Thanksgiving everyone shows up for triple time making our day easy

Everyone is getting a raise ?

Which group of full-timers are you talking about ?

And start another internet storm ?



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In the beginning they were floating an extra week of vacation. Any word on whether vacations will change in the supplements?


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Southern is done, BA showed us at a parking lot meeting but said he can’t talk about it yet. He also said there will be meetings announced to discuss the master.