Surprises upon entering management

Discussion in 'UPS Partners' started by curiousbrain, Feb 5, 2011.

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    I am curious as to what some of the unknowns were when starting in management? Specifically, moving into the part-time supervisor role, although anything relevant would be helpful.

    To expand a little bit, it seems apparent that the supervisors are occasionally under a lot of stress to meet certain metrics, which I can understand; however, are there any subtle, not-so-obvious things lurking around that are not readily apparent to most hourlies?

    I've looked around on UPSers, and read the PDF's they offer on the MAPP process and all that, so I am familiar with what they have to say; trying to undercover some more firsthand experience, however.

    Any responses appreciated.
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    Each area has their unique traits, but they all share many common traits for operation supervisor jobs. It would be wise to talk with current operation supervisors in your building to see what in specific occurs there. You need to understand, you are responsible for everything that occurs in your area. This will include training your employees, auditing their performance and quality items. When an employee has problems it will be your job to coach, mentor them and if necessary, document, and write up the person and follow the prescribed procedures for progressive discipline. Many people have a hard time with this last part.