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    does progressive discipline include stacking suspension days on top of one another? for example you receive one day susp for late nda, serve it, then perhaps miss a hand rail 3 months later and get 3 day susp. when its time to serve the 3 day it actually turns into 4 days because the previous one day is added to the new 3 day. is this progressive disciplinary action? is this supported by language in the contract? just wondering? or have we been duped in our area?
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    Not sure where its at,in the contract. Warning letters are active for 9 months.
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    I believe so....I know an employee who was "suspended" twice on paper but never actually had to sit home.

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    Not here. You serve a 1 day. Next time it's just a 3 day. After that 5 days and after that termination.
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    progressive discipline means for the same infraction. Late air and missing a hand rail are separate. Grieve Harassment to have them removed from your file. That is if they are actually in your file and not just merely a threat
  6. When you receive a 1 day suspension it has to be served in ten working days. If not then it can't happen.
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    I haven't really heard of that specific example, but discipline does have to be progressive and that might be an instance of how progressive discipline is handled in your area under "failure to follow methods and procedures."

    For example: Employee A receives a working termination for attendance. The union negotiates this down to a 3 day suspension. Employee A receives another working termination for attendance; under progressive discipline, he would have to receive a 4 day suspension.

    The reason we don't really see this too often is because the company will just push for a working termination after the first suspension has been served -- an employee must serve a suspension before being issued a working termination for a non-cardinal sin.
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    Wouldn't the second "working termination" be the last straw?
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    As I'm sure will be mentioned these are separate issues. One is a safety issue and the other is a service issue. Grieve them both with your local. The company has so many days to send you a letter and the local has so many days to reply. Now if you have other letters that the company has sent you on these same issues it could lead to a suspension or worse.
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    I had a smart old steward from years ago that said. " listen you are grown men and women, im not going to read the contract for you, I will process your grievances, not gripes I will represent you through thick or thin. Do the right thing people. Learn your rights under the law and contract"

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