TAW agreement: Can mgmt dishonor?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by WyoBrown, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. WyoBrown

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    Last week mgmt offered TAW after breaking leg on job, signed agreement by all. Today, mgmt called me off from coming in...not enough work to meet the offer terms (8 hrs, 5 days deskwork), then mentioned Workers Comp benefits as alternative. So what about this signed contract that they OFFERED? Anyone have any experience with this same thing?
  2. wily_old_vet

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    If you broke your leg on the job you are covered by workers comp. UPS uses TAW to keep their insurance costs down. You should come out better getting comp as it is tax free. Also you should talk with a lawyer as there will be a permanent disability rating on your leg. I would also check with the union to !-see if you are qualified
    2-to see if this time you are out injured counts toward qualification if you aren't.

    Don't depend on what mgt tells you. Trust but verify
  3. WyoBrown

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    What I don't understand? Why in the hell would UPS offer TAW, write up an agreement, sign it and then not honor it? I am getting so tired of the bull****. Our BA is on the seniority issue, I was worked over 30 days but they disqualified me at 29. No lay-off day inbetween. Now this. Im in for the duration though...I dont like getting pushed around. Thanks for the info!
  4. Bad Gas!

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    When I was on worKmans comp I did TAW for 2 weeks.After that they told me they didnt have the work.According to the contract,it's up to the center manager to provide work for you.When they don't provide work,it's cost the center more money....So,they can do what they want.You still get workmans comp even if your not qualified....but they can discharge you if they want..Until you have 30 days-your at thier mercy..good luck.
  5. WyoBrown

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    When you say "discharge", do you mean they could fire me? I actually have 38 days of driving, thats what the union is fighting. They worked me 38 straight days without giving seniority. I am at their mercy, that is very apparent right now!
  6. brownmonster

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    Be thankful. Nothing could be worse than sitting in the office all day. I did it one day and left by noon.
  7. WyoBrown

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    Yeah, it was awful...the 2 days that I spent in the office. I lasted 3 1/2 hrs on a stool out in the middle of the clerks work area. IE has landed in our ctr for the week, all desks were occupied. Sooooo...Im on "vacation" and going to make the most of it until I can get back in the truck and drive. A blizzard has just blown in...uhhh life is good and today, Im happy to be in this &*$^# cast!
  8. Braveheart

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    The only thing I think that is good about TAW is the 30 reports you get to help you get the 156 that you need to earn your full vacation and your option days. Otherwise I would stay home and get better.
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    On the rare occasion when we have someone on TAW they usually end up riding around with a sup in the sup's personal car/truck to take missloads off of drivers and then deliver them. Then they'll come back in on the night shift and clean all the package car windshields.