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    Can management take away your already red circled pay rate when you go full time? I have a situation where I signed a pt to ft pool bid while I was still in my 30 day packet as a TCD and won the bid but I successfully completed the packet before I was notified by HR that I won the bid. The list was talked down on the 29th day of my packet and I was notified by HR a few days after I actually qualified as a TCD.
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    If they worked you over 30 days as a TCD and they didn’t disqualify you, then clearly they bought you at that classification. I would grieve it. Be sure to add on the grievance “make whole in every way including penalty pay”.
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    I actually worked 29 days. When I went in on day 30 I was told that my packet was completed and I would be back on my part time shift until the volume picked up. I had 2 different union stewards talk to my ors and they both confirmed that my packet was completed at that point. I could’ve actually grabbed the situation because I have more or senority then more then half the cover drivers there but I understood the situation so I didn’t.
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    Meant to say grieved