TCD to Seasonal? Forced?

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  1. Can they make a TCD go seasonal if he has seniority over other TCDs and has already made his thirty days.
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    At my center, if you sign the sheet to start running routes in June, you've committed to the gig through mid-January. Although there is a second temp sheet that goes up in October.

    Seniority only gets you the heaviest temp routes and more shots at filling in for full timers wanting a day off. Top temp is still below the bottom full timer.
  3. I signed a TCD bid list and have been a TCD for a couple of months, worked in the hub for five years before driving. I think they are going to try and make me seasonal. They told me this the week after I started taking my hour lunches coming in over allowed.
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    My center has no tcd or seasonal drivers, we have straight full timers on routes and helpers as needed on those routes.
  5. My center is hiring homeless people at this point.
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    I am a normal T.C.D. i started driving in August in 2014 I believe how it is supposed to be is if you started driving before October 15th then you are a regular T.C.D. after the 15th you are a seasonal which in my bldg seasonals are done after peak and have to feel out a regular T.C.D. slot or f.t. as a regular T.C.D. you get laid off after peak and when they need you they will give you a 24 hr notice to come in i usually just tell them to call me in the am if they need me. Different part of the country have different contracts and im not sure what i covered is in the master agreement or not best thing I recommend is to talk to a steward about what they are telling you. Dont be suprised if they are just telling you that to scare you so you will start skipping your lunch. They kept threating to put me on the black list. I told them i got a Black Book "the Southern Union Contract book" lmao never heard more of this black list stuff since.
  7. I figured they were doing some mind game bull:censored2:. I'll just notify my union rep Monday about what might be happening.
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    I overheard one of the younger temps whining about working black Friday, plus mentioning something about our early start time the following Monday.

    I wanted to mention, "Dude you've worked less than a week as a temp and you're already whining?" but didn't. Some of us bet who'll make it all the way through peak. The young dude is my pick for next quitter/fired.
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    They are just trying to light a fire under your butt.