Tea Party Racism???

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Apr 20, 2010.

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    That was a good clip.....thanks.
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    This has been my point on many "current events" threads. When will Blacks and Latinos wake up to the realization that Democrats take us for granted. Latinos are seeing this first hand with Obama. He promised them immigration for all and now has made a 180 degree turn on the promise. Not only that, this current administration is rounding up more illegals for deportation than Bush. It's time for us to think for ourselves.
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    Thank you, good clip. We want the truth not the spin on all issues .
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    Boy oh Boy, the freaks come out at night...

    Oh brother, spare us the "we are all god loving americans in the tea party" cr*p!

    Take a look at this video of the Tea Party members signs at previous rallies...

    Now that the Tea Partiers have been CALLED OUT, the signs will have to change, the venom will go away and the beloved HATE SPEECH will have to be put back in the closet cause people are watching now.

    The only good thing about being called out, is that the Tea party movement without the hate speech and inflammatory dialog will be the end of the movement itself. All the rednecks involved in the movement have nothing else to offer and it would be boring without it.

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    This is NOT a parody. It’s not a poster put up by some kooky student or lone Left-Wing agitator. This is an official poster for an official, school-sponsored symposium at Brandeis University:

    The symposium will be a look at the American Right from a “neo-Nazi” perspective. And when Brandeis says “Neo-Nazis,” they mean “tea partiers.” Think I exaggerate? Check out the web page for the event:

    Getting the message, Tea Partiers? A “related link” to this symposium on “Right-Wing Radicalism” is a link to OUR Tea Party event on Boston Common. Heil Palin!
    It will be fascinating to listen to Brandeis faculty members trying to link the Tea Party to political violence when, just months ago, they hosted actual terrorist bomber William Ayers to campus. In fact, Brandeis students participated in violence at the behest of Ayers and killed a cop.
    A Brandeis alum recently made the following observation: "...around 1970, when Brandeis saw three of its women students posted to the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List (Angela Davis, Susan Saxe and Katherine Power), no small feat since only seven women were ever put on that FBI list in all of its history."
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    At least the CEO of ACORN will admit that she is a Socialist. HMMMMMMMMMM, our former community organizer turned President did work for that group.........
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    ACORN...our tax dollars hard at work for...
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    good clip but not anymore representative of a tea party then the nuts the democrats show
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    The thing that amazes me most of all about TEA PARTY people, is that when they are asked for SPECIFIC issues that they oppose, they can only come up with the TALKING POINTS of FOX news.

    Why cant they put together an articulate explanation of ANY one thing????? They all say the same junk, freedoms, liberties, end the fed, socialism and everything else spewed out by Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Bill Orielly.

    Its a sad thing to watch, right wing democracy ruined by a cable news channel who's only intention is to keep them in the too stupid to vote catagory. Take a look and listen to these morons at the tax day rally and you will see that everyone of the people there will ONLY repeat a TALKING POINT without a single fact to back anything up. Of all the junk you will hear, the only consistency is that the TALKING POINTS are all from FOX news. TALK about brain washing in action.! Sheesh.

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    I suppose you also think that only old white men attend these events ?
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    You must watch a lot of Fox News to know that that's where they get their talking points.
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    I see we have another liberal kool-aid drinker brainwashed by the MSM and the smoke and pixie dust from his Messiah. Here ya go:

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    thats my buddy backside. He has posted here as several different posters over the years. He is a troll in every sense of the word. I've actually caught him producing posts that were well thought out , logical and lucid. But most of his posts are like diesels and unionmans and only meant to arouse our conservative ire.
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    agreed the polls show most tea partiers are white , male and educated. explains why scratch was in attendance.:happy2:
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    I finally found one of those signs that show our elected officials dressed as a racist and a nazi;

    But it wasn't at any Tea Party event.
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