Teamster election Whos to blame for 2008 contract?

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by any122, Dec 10, 2006.

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    As the contract is hacked apart for 2008 I can only say most UPS employess didn't vote but now as Hoffa the hatchett man starts carving away It will be interesting to watch the blame game.It's already starting with pensions and will more than likely trickle into health plans.Should be real interresting.Most that will complain more than likely didn't vote because they figured their vote didn't matter.Now It maybe to late as Hoffa will be laughing all the way to the bank.HO HO HO Merry Christmas my fellow brothers.:sad:
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    Yes, it was important for people to vote, but I really don't understand why you posted your message.
    Nearly everyone in labor (& many in mgt)agrees that we need 3rd party representation. The choices are/were: Hoofa (I'm not that keen on him), Bleedem (popular in his area-I don't know anything about him) and apwa (no track record). So I made my choice & am thankful that I at least had one!
    Instead of gripeing about things & throwing out accusations you can try to become part of the solution, but alittle advice if you choose to do so...Be positive & optimistic--you won't get much done or much of a following if the opposite is the path you choose.
    You sound miserable, you may want to consider working for a non union company.
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    blame blame blame. how union.
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    I'm just guessing here but.....are you a relatively young individual who hasn't been with the company very long?
    Some of your comments are so "Pollyanna" (if you're real young you may not know who this is) that I have to keep a wastebasket next to my desk in case I have to vomit.
    A classic one was "blame, blame, blame how union." Let me guess, apparently you think the company isn't skilled at blame and deception?
    Responsibility confers control. We, the hourly, have no control yet we have all the responsibility.
    The company (management) has all the control but none of the responsibility.
    I hope your sheltered existence continues as you saunter down the "yellow brick road" of life.
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    Of course its someone else's fault that you aren't smart enough to save for retirment on your own. As suggested before maybe you need to work for a non-union company where pensions are not cut, but completely abolished. Oh the horror of actually having to think for yourself and not rely on other people for your retirment income. :lol:
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    I've been in unionized environments to understand the game they play. Criticism instead of solutions. Hell, that's the history of unions in a nutshell.

    Oh, and on the 'sheltered exsitence' part, how many days have you've worked as a manager, or at least shadowed one? Just like to test the stregnth and credibility of the outrageous claim that "management has all of the control but none of the responsiblity", that UPS is highly regimented at the front line but not in its command strucutre. I'm the sheltered one, you know it all. Right. I guess driving for 20+ years shows you what it is exactly your manager does from 0800-1800. Hell, you know so much, you don't have to shadow a manager for a day!
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    To counter the above post would be like taking candy from a baby. Have mercy on Hoser guys, we were in his shoes once, innocent and wided eyed:cool:
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    Why didn't you counter? Or all you had was that tripe....