Teamster healthcare downgrades will continue until...

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Atomic_Smurf, May 19, 2013.

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    Be prepared for many more setbacks & downgrades to our health plans not only in future contracts but during the course of them as well. Especially retirees both past & future. I hate to think what portion of our pension will be given right back to pay for our insurance by the time the rest of us retire. The Affordable Care Act guarantees that the days of employers providing health insurance are numbered. Demand that Hoffa/hall call for the full repeal of the Affordable Care Act to save it's members from the taxes, penalties & other consequences we are only beginning to realize. That is the only chance we have of ever bringing back the great plans that UPS has provided its employees for decades.
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    What concerns me is not just the initial cost to retirees and active workers. It is the long term future of the plan. Somebody at the Teamsters has a vision of how this is all going to turn out, but they aren't telling he people who will be impacted.
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    Posts in this thread that are political in nature will be moved to Current Events to the thread with the same title as this one.
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    So what are the key words that make a post political? Obama? Obamacare? Please, I don't want to waist anyones time.
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    References to political parties,elections,this is what you get for electing Obama, Obabacare, Obama, etc (and oh yeah, any post by Moreluck :wink2:).

    Posters should stick to why the ACA is bad.

    Good luck on it not getting political.
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    Thanks !!
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    This whole contract stinks to high heaven and should be voted down!