teamster pension and social security

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    if i retire in eight more year with 30 years combined at 57 will i be able to get social security at 62 and keep both or wait to get social security at 65 any retirees out there
  2. ups79

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    You are entilted to both your pension and social security. Receiving either one has no effect on the other.
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    A detailed well laid out question can never hurt and is sometimes essential.
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    As was said above, these are 2 separate entities and one has not effect on the other. The decision to start receiving SS at 62 or 65 is yours. Keep in mind that receiving SS at 62 will result in a lower payment each month than if you waited until you are 65. You didn't mention a 401k but if you have one you can't touch it until you are 59 1/2.
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