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    I visit TeamsterNet from time to time to see if they have any good info that I haven't seen elsewhere. Usually they don't. Mostly it's just a small group of Teamster Thugs talking toughguy talk to each other and beating up on anyone they see as not part of "this thing of ours."

    CAUTION: Not for the faint of heart!!! :sick:
  2. Overpaid Union Thug

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    I quite going there years ago. Pointless.
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    Those posts seem fairly constructive for Teamsternet.
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    Many of the posters on TNET are officers or close friends of them. Tnet does take it to a whole nother level. I do go there from time to time, but I make sure the kids are not around when I do. People here asked for a forum like smack talk, well that site shows you that with time all the forums turn in to smack talk and anything goes.
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    Looks like they need mods, but then no one would post. Sad it should be more informative and less bashing, it is even too crude for me.
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    that site epitomizes the teamster mentality,,thats the teamster union at its finest,, just look at the mags they send you around election time,, with the pretend fat thugs with their arms crossed cause they are so angry on the cover
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    This should be interesting...
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    I had forgotten all about that board. I believe I ran across it at the same time I found BC, but found it not as constructive or informative and quit going. I doubt my account is any good there anymore.
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    i'm suprised my ba can even type. Maybe that's what he has been trying to do all summer.
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    Pot growers need representation too!!!!