Teamsters Campaign Targets FedEx Express Union Status

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    Teamsters Campaign Targets FedEx Express Union Status - Bloomberg

    The Teamsters Union is taking to the Internet in its campaign to require that drivers in FedEx Corp.’s Express unit be subject to the same labor laws as rival package delivery companies.

    The Teamsters site, introduced today, backs legislation to place the drivers under the National Labor Relations Act, which lets workers vote locally to join a union. The drivers are now classified with airline employees under the Railway Labor Act, which requires national elections.

    “This is about fairness, this is about leveling the playing field,” hall, a Teamsters vice president, said in an interview. He declined to reveal the cost of the campaign, which he said will include advertising on news media Web sites and a mobilization of the 1.4 million Teamsters.
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    I would be very surprised to see that language in the reauthorization bill when it passes. The Republicans will kill it like they tried to kill healthcare reform.