Teamsters Reject UPS Contract

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    Teamsters Reject UPS Contract - Wall Street Journal

    Teamsters members voted down a new contract with United Parcel Service Inc., sending both sides back to the negotiating table ahead of the holiday season.

    Preliminary voting results showed that 54.3% of votes cast opposed the five-year deal, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters disclosed Friday evening.

    Union leaders said they would reopen talks with the company. “We will be going back to the company to talk to them about some additional changes,” said Denis T, co-chair of the Teamsters negotiating committee.
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    don’t worry i’m sure your leaders are back to the drawing board to find another way to sell you out
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    Wrong. It passed
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    Hoffa and Taylor have no shame in going on record just to reveal themselves as liars. Hopefully the collusion investigations begin soon. BIH
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  5. You are correct
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    AH the good old teamster twist !!!!!!
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    Hoffa sold us out. He got a back door payment on his last term as president. This is the beginning to the end for the teamsters.
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    Locking thread.
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    Oook... next...:rolleyes: