Teamsters Urge Congress to Stand Up to FedEx and Pass FAA Reauthorization

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    Teamsters Urge Congress to Stand Up to FedEx and Pass FAA Reauthorization - Teamsters

    Congress Passes Another Three-Month Extension

    Congress has voted to extend the Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization Bill for another three months, delaying important job creation and safety provisions and a key measure to close the FedEx loophole giving the company special status.

    Teamsters General President Jim Hoffa urged Congress to stand up to FedEx, which has been blocking passage of the legislation. The extension, to Dec. 31, was passed by the House and Senate on Thursday.

    “Congress must address the issue of fairness when it comes to FedEx’s special treatment that allows it to treat its truck drivers as airline workers,” Hoffa said.
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    I am a little surprised that UPS thought this would happen at this time. I figured it was fruitless to write the two Senators from KY as all you have to do is say "Union" and they will be against it but UPS still, somehow, thought it would work. And with all the money both parties have thrown into this I wonder how long it will be before someone realizes that since the Supreme Court has said corporations are people and people hold public office then corporations can hold office. Being able to throw unlimited amounts of money at as many seats as possible; imagine the influence a company could have with a couple Board member/Senators.