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    On Sunday TDU held a conference call and people that have registered through makeupsdeliver were invited to participate. I received the invite Sunday morning and had enough time to invite about a dozen or so people from the cafe to join in. The people I had invited contributed to the several telematics threads that are out there.

    Dozens of drivers and stewards joined in the call to share their knowledge on how telematics is being used across the country. A brother from local 962 (i believe) went on to tell us that he has had it for over a year now and UPS uses it to to virtual ojs rides. He also said that he knows of one driver that had been disciplined for telematics and that case is now in the arbitration process.

    Ups has launched telematics across the country preaching safety. They have explained how it will be used to properly maintain the vehicle maintenance. But in no time the reports start flying, no seat belts, bulk head doors open, backing first, how fast you drive the list goes on and on.

    Here in 705 we have had the simple harassment, the sup talks to the driver one on one with no steward. I do not know of anyone that has been talked to with a steward for any telematics infractions. Could it be that we didn't allow the gps language in, I think so.

    Others across the country seem from what was said to have it far worse. I also explained that I have no problems with this system. This system IMO helps those of us that do the job the way it should be done and only really hurts the runner and gunners. I have noticed that my guys that are done by 4pm daily are now working longer. This hurts ups's numbers and if every driver does it the way it should more routes would have to go in on a daily basis.

    Now since the day it started UPS here is riding the over allowed drivers, which is what any of us would want. I do not want some sup sitting in an office on the computer telling me what I am doing right or wrong when they cant see what I am dealing with.

    Why didn't the IBT do a call like this were concerned Teamsters could discuss how to handle these situations? I learned alot from this call and I hope some of you that logged on did the same.
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    I learned alot also, and thanks for the invite.
    I have no problem with it either, and it will make people work correctly, and as you said, it will increase the routes going out. Im not always perfect, far be it, but if Im being consisitently watched, I wouldnt be flying down the road with my bulkhead wide open, packages in the cab, and no seat belt either.
    I see it as a way they not only will fire drivers, but give sups pink slips, if everything can be done virtually, who needs people.
    Big brother is here.
    The conference call seemed to be a free thing. We could set up our own.
    And Red did such a fine job I think he should be the key speaker.
    I know my center is unconcerned, the hourlys, we are always behind the curve. I pride myself on being ahead of it and this conference call gave me a heads up that we should all have.
    Its coming.
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    Its simple brother Red. Hoffa gets paid by UPS to look the other way. the man is more concerned getting people in the union(then screwing them, just ask UPS Fright drivers also First Student drivers) then fighting for our rights:angry:.
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    some might argue that increasing the membership does make the union stronger?
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    I have one correction it was local 952 not 962.
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    Sounds like it was an interesting call. Any way to get a podcast?
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    Sorry I missed it, red, we ran late at the barbecue.

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    Thanks for the invite, Red

    I was unable to listen that night, but to have the conference call on this matter is important. As drivers, we ARE being harassed over tit-tat things that management the last 100 years could care less for.

    I have been talked to over 5 times about seat belt use. I wear the seat belt EVERY time, but because they consider it not on if the wheel moves 1 inch as I am putting it on makes no sense. You could have 100 state troopers watching me, and they would say nice job, click it or ticket. Now I get 1 center manager who says click it and harassment.

    When you have drivers busting their butts out there and having to wait after the PCM to listen about their 3 bulkhead door occurences is stupid. Higher management wants 100% in all reports. I can't wait for winter when I'm pulled into the office for running the heat in my truck because I'm in the middle of the woods for lunch. Just plain harassment.
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    Winter? I cant wait for peak! HOw will we deliver 300 to 400 stops "by the book"? Impossible!
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    You're lucky to have a job.

    Kidding. There must be some acceptable temperature ranges/standards that cross the line of safety. I am not sure what they are, but I can not see how this company has "expectation zero" and all of this nonsense yet will allow a driver to freeze in -15 in the winter on their lunch.