Teleprompter and Chief

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    Funny...Chris Matthews is getting tired of the Messiahs Teleprompter:

    CHRIS MATTHEWS: You know, sometimes I really support the President in a lot of his views, in fact all of them almost. But I have to tell you, Michael, if he doesn't get rid of that damn teleprompter, it's like an eye test. He's just reading words now. It's separating him from us. Your thoughts. You go to a meeting with him I'm told, businessmen are invited to meet him at the White House, he hauls out the damn teleprompter, and he reads it to them. Well, why even bring people into the room, just have the teleprompter. I sense it's getting between him and us and I thought that speech last night was a terrible, well a great example rather, of him using the teleprompter instead of his heart and his mind. He was reading words to us that any president could have written, had written for him and delivered. [...]
    The teleprompter is a problem for this guy. I think it's his menace.

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