Temp Driver 30 day qualification question(s)

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    Hey everybody,

    I recently "started" temp driving, I say "started" because about 12 people with less seniority than me have started (for real) driving almost 2 weeks ago, obviously I caught on and literally got it resolved this morning. My center sup told me "We will start you next Thursday", at which point I said "I should have started two weeks ago, so how about tomorrow?" (for my 3 days of training) and he proceeded to give me some story about no volume bc we arent getting anything from up north and he has to give the training route to full time drivers, it actually makes sense but I don't trust this guy because last week he told me "We don't make seniority mistakes". Obviously I will be filing for time as well as the days I should have received towards my 30 day qualification.

    My question is, this same supervisor told me that any days I drive in December will NOT go towards my qualification, is this true? If so it makes no sense, as I personally know at least 2 temp drivers who started the 2nd week of November last year and still got their 30 days by Jan 1st. Even WITH driving Saturday air (not sure if Sat Air can go towards your 30 days) they would not have made their 30 days (not to mention he would have had to NEVER been sent home). Essentially they both had to have their driving days in December count towards their 30 days. I've also NEVER heard of this rule. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    My second question is simple enough, can working Saturday Air go towards your 30 days qualification?

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    I'm going through the same situation. I started last peak as temp driver I started October 24, you cannot make your ft seniority until after Jan 1st. And you have to work 30 days in a 90 day period. So from Jan 1st until May 30, you can make your FT seniority. When January came around last year, they had me work about two weeks, they said they want me as a ft but there's no openings, so they put me over to the Early AM operation and let me make my PT seniority, I did that until June and then I got called back for Vacation Covers, and you still cent make your FT then either because they say your a Utility Driver or a Casual driver. And at that point they can work you from June 1st until Jan 1st without you making your FT seniority. It's very frustrating. It took me a while to understand all of this. Just be patient. I finally recirved my benefits last week for being PT seniority. They want to keep Me so bad, that they let me keep my hire date of Oct 24 of when I started as a temp. Just do your best and work hard and they will keep you. They put me on any route cold, by myself, and ill be the first driver back.
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    I'm curious where you work? 12 seasonal drivers? Hot damn! We have yet to have a single one show up in our center. And we are actually running short a driver. We have a FT position that was never filled after the last schlub they brought us called uncle.
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    I work in the Triangle area in NC (don't want to get too specific after criticizing a superior, you never know who reads these boards). 12 temps just in the last 2 weeks, they put about 20 on starting June 1st. And after these 12 they are expecting to put on 20 more. Its never been this many though. At the same time, while you may have not had 12 ever put on, in the last 6 years we have not had ONE full time driving position open up, and don't even tell me that no one has retired in the last 6 years. In our driving class, a supervisor from another center came in and mentioned that he needed 4 full time drivers and he couldn't fill the positions and our jaws dropped. Average wait time for a full time spot at our hub is 10 years. Almost makes me wish I'd gone into supervision..... almost.
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    I am pretty sure you can get your 30 days in (qualify) in November and December. You will not gain F/t seniority during those months though. After you get your 30 days in, you will not be required to go through another 30 day qualification.
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    if your 30 days started prior to Peak, then your time counts. Period. Your sup is trying to blow smoke up your, uhmmm, behind.