Terminated for fraudulent documentation

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    So I was recently fired for fraudulent documentation. I just recently gained seniority. I would say I have about 60 work days in. So I'm still a rookie and never had any disciplinary action prior to this incident for missing a pick up. I was how ever suspended for 2 weeks pending a t1 accident claiming that I hit a car and left a fake name and number. The owner of the Vehicle came in claiming that I struck his car 11 days later. It just so happens that My truck schematics and GPS on my diad was down that day and only that day. I found that extremely difficult to believe. After my review I was told I was not to get back on my package truck. So as I was getting ready to leave the center a supervisor stops me and says hey where are you going?? I told him I was just told that I'm still suspended and that I can't drive. I come to find out that the supervisors had a meeting at 7am with the Hub manager and that it was agreed that I would be returning to my package truck. So what happened between 7am and 9am to where the center manager decided he was no longer going to let me drive that day?? So instead of me driving that day they had a supervisor drive and me make the deliveries. The following day Im back on my route "by myself" I was overloaded with packages and stops 196 stops 435 packages. My first day back on my own after 2.5 half weeks of not being in routine. I was so far behind I was told to start my metro .5hrs later. Well before completing my first metro I entered how many packages I picked up. My next pick up is about half a mile away. But during my first pick up, I must have mistakenly hit enter on the diad for my 2nd pick up. So with my 2nd metro not on my board i went on to continue to my 3rd pick up with out realizing that I had entered 0 for my second stop. This is what I was told I was fired for.

    Now yesterday and today I was told that I did not have a route assignment. I was told I could go drive for another center today. About an hour away from my current center. I called my union steward to find out if he was aware of any less seniority drivers who had a route assignment the day before and today. It turns out 7 drivers the day b4 and 8 drivers today had route assignments who held less seniority than me. So I get a phone call to come in that they now have a route for me. I come in to see a note on my diad to see the Hub manager and to bring a steward. I'm asked about my pick up and i told him I don't recall stopping there. He ask me why I didn't feel the need to stop there. I told him I didn't realize I entered 0 for my 2nd metro. And when I returned to my truck before I left my 1st metro stop I looked on my board and just seen my next 3-4 metro stops and figured that my 2nd metro hadn't paid there bill so there pick ups were temporarily suspended. I'm new I didn't realize how big of a mistake I had just made. But I can't believe this is a fireable offense. I mean I feel like this is a bit harsh. I'm in awed at the fact that I'm a rookie who made a rookie mistake and I was terminated for it. I'm just curious is this a typically how ups operates?? What are my chances of getting my job back? Also when I have my hearing what are the chances that I will get back pay?

    Also as a side note I found out that they had no driver to take my truck out. So my truck sat there with all the packages on it not one delivered. I was told from a friend in the office that a lady had to call each customer to let them know they would not be getting their packages today due to they had no driver..

    Was that a bad move on the Hub manager? For firing me for such a petty reason? And then having my truck sit there with out any of my packages to be delivered?? If I get my job back I feel like there will be futher retaliation because I'm sure the hub manager will have to answer to somebody as in why my truck sat there with out any customer packages being delivered..

    Keep in mind their are 3 sides to every store my side their side and the truth. I did my best to explain my side. If I could get any input positive or negative i would sincerely appreciate it.

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    What’s a metro
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    Your daily scheduled pickups
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    What the heck kinda store has 3 sides?
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  5. DumbTruckDriver

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    When you stop complete a pickup, it doesn't disappear from your board. You can still open it back up and edit the pickup.
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  6. Turdferguson

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    So nothing is your fault and they are out to get you?
    Plus you want back pay without even getting your job back yet?
    You are toast.
    As for the missed service on your package car when they walked you out. As far as UPS is concerned that would be on you also
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    did u contact ur local union department of communications of corrections for error of communication
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    That is my take too.
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    I don't think he is toast because it sounds like he didn't lie about anything. I'm sure he will get a long vacation though. He definitely will not be getting back pay.
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    You'll be back
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    They can call it falsifying, which is considered lying, which is fireable. It seems like they are shooting themselves in the foot, though. Based on what you wrote there is no way that a panel would uphold that, which means you get your job back with back pay. Sounds like you have a few grievances you can file too. I wouldn't worry about being harassed when you get back to work, because it will be really easy to establish retaliation. Just cool your heels, wait for and show up to your panel, and then get back to being more excellent every day.
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  12. Turdferguson

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    He just came back from a "vacation " for an accident, and now this?
  13. AlliSeeisBrown

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    That’s why I always review my pickups from the scheduled window as opposed to looking through EDD.

    OP if you accidentally hit enter on the pickup, you would still have to hit stop complete to make it go away. So basically you accidentally hit enter and stop complete on that pickup?
    Also, if you had been thinking that maybe their pickup was suspended, you couldn’t gone into the scheduled pickups list and verified that?
  14. 542thruNthru

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    I must admit after reading that long story I forgot about the accident. Being that he is very new (6 months) and just before peak I think he might have a chance.
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    Never heard that before. Why is it called a "metro"?
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    I meant story sorry lol
  17. Oceanview

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    Your right I could have looked back at it just be 100% certain but I was already behind with only 37% of my stops done. I swear I had all huge packages that day as if it was deliberate.
  18. DumbTruckDriver

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    The "I thought the account was suspended" defense sounds like :bsbullf:.
    After 60 days, you should know that route well enough to go look for that pickup in the Scheduled Pickup screen (if you really did accidentally stop complete it). But if that's what you're going with, good luck to you...
  19. Oceanview

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    The accident Reported inconclusive due to no evidence
  20. Oceanview

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    I contacted my business agent today