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    I was told today that I was terminated for dishonesty,they say I clocked in on the diad board at 8:30 for a safety meeting and they say I wasn't there. I was given no paperwork showing i clocked in but my name wasn't checked off in the book that the teacher uses,the teacher couldn't even tell what my name is. also i got to work for a meeting at 835 and the meeting started at 830 the meeting was over at 840 and I had 7 clicks down which equals up to about 4 minutes,the supervisor said I was lying about my time.
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    I would immediately contact the Shop Steward and Business Agent and file. If you were where you were supposed to be, there should be plenty of witnesses to back you up if your name wasn't on the Training Roster. I find it hard to believe you were fired over four minutes, is there more to this?
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    I agree their has to be more to this story. 4 minutes is nothing, if that's the case everytime I take a crap i'm stealing time!!! Because as we all know there is no such thing as a 4 minute crap. Watch next we are going to be ask to crap off the clock like lunch what's next???:crying:
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    Thats all me and the shop steward was told that i was clocked in for 4 minutes for a safety meeting and i wasn't there but the other shop steward was there at the meeting and the district manager was there and told us if we couldn't be on time we needed to go find another job,and on the 11th they say i clocked in at 830 for a meeting and i wasn't there but they didn't give us no paperwork showing where i clocked in,I cant say i was there or not but i told them if i clocked in at 830 then i was there at the meeting
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    Based on the fact that you were basically fired over 4 minutes I'd have to say that you must have been a target for some time now. Maybe this was the first opportunity they had to nail you for something. I've only been at UPS 8 years but I know that when management is looking to nail someone they might have to settle for something as small as 4 minutes of "stolen time." Usually it is just their way of harrassing someone and hoping that they'll quit as a result. They know this will probably not stick but it will be in your record. You won't "have a clean slate" and that could help them later if they find another opportunity to nail you. I believe this because there is just no way they'd nail you over 4 minutes unless they already had it in for you.
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    What can Brown do for you?
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    "I cant say i was there or not... "

    Sounds to me like you weren't there. If you were, someone would have your back, and this wouldn't have gone this far.

    Give it up, find a new job.
  8. wornoutupser

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    We had a driver written up and given a warning letter for stealing time.

    What was the offense?

    He asked for the Atlanta number to contact for the open door policy while on the clock.
    The division manager personally nailed him for stealing that amount of time.
    If you think it is bad where you are, come to Central Florida!
  9. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our division manager makes an appearance MAYBE once every three months. Otherwise....we would all think he doesn't exist.
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    Wornout, I've read your posts over the last few months. You say you're in C. Fla and deliver in basically where all the old snow-heads go to die. From your posts, it seems that your center its about as bad as it can get a UPS. I mean, I've experienced many of the things that you desrcribe, its just not on an everyday basis.

    So my real question is this: are you sure that you're not dead and living in hell? I'm not talking about regular hell (thats a cake walk), I'm talking about UPS hell? I'm sorry my friend, from your posts thats what it seems to me what you're living in. I wish I could offer advice, but i can't:sad:
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    I've seen people fired for 2 minutes...funny how you can show up 20 minutes early every day and nobody says anything about it, but the one time you're a minute late they take you into the office and ream you out for it.
  12. MR_Vengeance

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    sounds like they been target to get ride off you for some time..........:confused:1
  13. rod

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    say what???
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    Same here...I don't know your situation...to me it's interesting nothing is said of those employees who come in 30 minutes to work off the clock "just to go through their loads". We've been leaving the building 15 to 20 minutes late. I think being late would be a benefit to UPS-at least at our center.

    I worked for a large grocery chain when I was a teenager. We were always told not to work off the clock. I've never heard that said at UPS.
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    I ased for proof that i clocked in at 830 on the 11th but was given none,the union rep is going to meet with upstoday to get some answers
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    I don't know how much time you have here but if it's not much do yourself a favor and move on. They obviously have it in for you and it won't get better. Why would anyone want to work for a company that is treated like that.
  17. Overpaid Union Thug

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    After you beat this (assuming our wonderful union will get your job back) the best way to combat management is to just do EVERYTHING by the book EVERYDAY. The reason being that it seems that they want to get rid of you. Examples: get to work on time and start working at the schedule start time, pre-trip vehicle, NEVER sign for someone else, keep the bulkhead door closed while driving or delivering, WALK each stop...DO NOT RUN, drive the speed limit, take a full hour for lunch, deliver air seperately and don't combine with ground. Doing all these things will keep them from nailing you for something else later. Oh they hate it when a driver follows ALL the methods becaue it means that they are getting less work out of you but there is nothing they can do about it because you'd be doing everything correctly. This is also a good way to fix a route if you are having trouble getting all of your commerical stops off on time. When drivers start following the methods management tends to put less work on the truck.
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    Good advice, And one other thing-be prepared, it will get worse before it gets better.
  19. wornoutupser

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    Two years before I applied here I had a friend that was a supe in another building in the same division. I asked him if this was a good place to work.
    His reply to me was " ____ is the red headed stepchild of all of UPS".
    He was correct.
    I have posted about the car problem here. Our mechanic does a super job, but one mechanic can only keep so many cars running at a time.
    One of my favorite stories happened when a new division manager came to our building. They asked to fax a report in to their office, but our fax was broken. The center manager then handed 3 signed refusals for a new fax to the D.M.
    The D.M. then wanted to email the information back, but the PC would not send email. the center manager then handed two signed refusals for a new computer to them.
    The next day, we had a new fax and a new manager PC delivered to the building, but look what it took to get the proper equipment here.
    Just another day in my facility!
  20. Gman24

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    Well said big arrow up!! I'm with everyone else on this one. They (UPS management) must have been after you for something. If you weren't there at 8:30 you shouldn't have had it in your board that you were there. The BOARD knows when you turn it on and it shows that time on the end of day report that UPS does. That is how they know who is late for work each day. I have forgotten to punch in before even though I did grab my DIAD before the start time, but I always have someone who can vouch for me in those situations. I'm sure we have all done that before. Good luck on getting your job back, maybe the TEAMSTERS can back you on this one. STEALING TIME is one of the 7 CARDINAL SINS at UPS.