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    This has been very funny to me, printing the post just to give her was a nice play. It was one that I expected but still nice. I said it before and now I will say it again. I see now that you finally realize that there was a face attached to this injury and it was not just a cost. That was what I intended to show you. It's a shame that it took ranting on a website to strangers to get you to get off your behind and go see this employee about her injury. As a manager you must not realize that your supervisors expect you to be there when they need you and it only took you 28 days after the injury to go check on the injured employee. That really showed her that you cared. I did this to see how long it would take you to bring it to her attention. It's very funny that it only took a couple of weeks to print this stupidity up and show it to everyone, and it took you almost a month to address the injury itself. Good job boss. I hate the fact that I had to put the people I actually care about and respect there in a bad position. Don't think for one minute that I am bitter about the promotion though. Considering that I love my new job and now I am in a place where I can actually benifit the people that used to work for me by making sure that you provide them a safe working environment, I'm very happy. I'm sure that this post will bring alot of sarcasism which is funny to me. You did what you needed to do and that was to finally go visit this employee. That's all I was pushing for. You now know that injuries have faces and emotions attached to them and it might not be anything you worry about but we are the ones that see her cry and watch her mood change the way it does. This person has busted he butt for you and this company and when something like this happens to her all you worry about it if she is a lost time or not. You handled that very poorly and that is why I addressed it the way I did. You have now made an attempt to do the right thing so I will leave it alone. But a word of advise, don't do the award thing that will only make you look even worse than you already do in her eyes.
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    Huh? (must be 10 characters or more)
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    Huh, again?
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    I think I know what its all about...maybe
    N02BBM is saying that the reason for this,and other recent posts is to get his gf`s sup to show some compassion for the recent loss of her finger by typing long elaborate letters (in the brown cafe` boards)aimed at that particular sup.Then they would print them out and send them somehow to this person.Its a bit unethical considering anyone who commented would be also involved.
    Please dont use us like that.Type out a letter in wordpad and print that instead .
    If indeed this is what you did.
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    You are not crazy, when you talk to yourself.
    You are not crazy, when you answer yourself.
    You are crazy, when you say to yourself "Huh, what did you say".
    Maybe, I am the one that is crazy, because I just read your post and said to myself.
    "Huh? What did you say?
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    Is Satellite Driver the new Dannyboy?
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    No Helen,
    I am just myself. I do not know who Dannyboy is. After my go round with diadlover, and being cautioned by Cheryl ,I may just sit back for a while. This is a new format to me and I do not know the rules on how to play in this sandbox. I am ashamed that I have reacted too quickly to other peoples posts, it is a flaw of mine. I have a tendency be aggressive and very positive in my opinion. I liked your comment about Yoda. Thanks.
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    Satellite-look at some of the old threads, like back in June or so and read Danny's comments. Some of them were kinda off the wall and strong minded. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but just because it is not yours does not make it wrong. (And I agree also that UPS drivers proabably have a higher incidence of joint problems than sedentary people) That's what makes this forum so interesting with all the different opinions. I have learned a ton about how UPS runs in other parts of the country. And I still think you should look into getting a 7-cube with power steering and that low first step. You won't have to run back to that trailer and it isn't that much wider really. And Danny livened things up and brought out alot of conversation and reaction.
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    You'll fit in as long as you don't use your sandbox as a litterbox:thumbup1:
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    MEOW,I get your meaning.