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    Ok, I'm a little confused. I am a new 22.3 FT Air Driver/Inside sorter in Tennessee. My boss says that I am required to work the day after Thanksgiving. Ok, sure. He says I am not gaurenteed 8 hours even though I am FT. Hmmmm, really? He also says the air drivers only get straight time for working on a holiday. What the hell? Is this right? Seems unfair to me.
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    The laguage is a bit vague on this. You say you are a full time Air driver, but then you add inside sorter.

    That would seem like you fit the exception air driver. But then you claim to be a full time.

    First the full time air driver language. Article 40, section 1, subsection d, par 1 states that "full time air drivers have the same daily and weekly guarentee as provided for regular drivers" That means you should get 8 hours if the work is available.

    Last year in our center I was the only one with 8 hours, all the rest worked actual and went home.

    Holiday work language is plain. Article 40, section 1, subsection J, par. 2 states that "All time worked by these drivers will be paid at the supplimental holiday rate."

    So that means you get the 1.5 overtime rate, right?

    Well read article 40, section 1, subsection J, par.4 that states "Air drivers ....shall receive strait time for all hours worked, up to 8 hours, in addition to the holiday pay......."

    My advice is work, and then if they dont pay you the ot rate, file.

    I love how precise and clearly well written the contract is, gotta love it!

    d PS you didnt say where in Tennessee

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    Check your supplement agreement in your contract.With your new combo job I am sure it can get tricky,but a full time job is a full time job.In my supplement it calls for all full time employees be paid for Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving providing the employee work a minimum of 2 days during the holiday week.Its pretty clear cut and dry in my local, but who knows what it says in yours.Talk to your steward.
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    i've worked it before as a parttime air driver and got paid for time worked and the holiday. so it seems thats double time.
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    [QUOTESo that means you get the 1.5 overtime rate, right? ][/QUOTE] I don`t know!! :confused:1
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    I am not sure but full time is full time so 8 hrs would be my first grievance. Next one is that at the very least you get more hours that any part timer and junior full timer in your class. Talk to a steward to be sure.
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    Under the 02 contract only packahe and feeder are guaranteed overtime and 8 hour requests for these holidays. All other employees fall under (in my contract) article 40 as air help seeing that we dont pu or deliver ground on these days. Al;so air drivers dont get overtime for their 6th day(saturday) and have to work over 8 in a day to receive overtime not the 5 hours that normal ptimers get overtime. Not agreeing with it and i hope we can change some of the language in the next contract.