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  1. Overight

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    From Portland Or.

    It's good to see after all the changes now here in Portland Or, we as in a company are using crst Drivers to haul our freight, along with other jipo's from Fontatna Ca, BS thanx UPS
  2. RockyRogue

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    Union contract would probably solve 90% of that problem. Then again, every day I go to work (Ground Hub) I see contractors pulling our work. These are mostly over the road, long haul type things but still....-Rocky
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    The person who is REALLY pulling away with your work is in that big purple and green feeder. Unionize all the jobs you want at UPS/SCS/UPSF, it does nothing to stop Green and Purple from stealing more Brown (IBT) business.
  4. raceanoncr

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    Please refer to Article 26. Competition. Article 32 Subcontracting and Article 43. Premium Services in the National Master United Parcel Service Agreement.

    Contractors are only limited by our grievance procedure. By "WE", I mean WE as individuals. We collect numbers, we file, we win and either get jobs or get reimbursment for the work we could be doing. We don't collect numbers, we don't file, we don't win, we don't get any more jobs, we don't get any reimbursement.
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    As far as loosing our freight we are! The sales people have been told to forget mom and pop shops and go only after the big accounts!Fed x takes them all and laughs at us now!Plus we get the shipments and they sit in the hubs or get bumped for one reason or another and band we loose more customers because we are still trying to fit large freight into a small pkge world of ups! They cant think outside the box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    FDX got into the LTL business in 1999, we just started (Why we did'nt do it sooner is another story). Now FDX is entrenched with some major accounts because they got a head start.

    Sales need to go back into these accounts and say hey...we have a national system ourselves, why send some UPS....send all UPS!

    Now that will make a great advertising line.....
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    The problem is most sales people want us to do their jobs for them, and granted we can find some, but they could do a whole lot more.

    The union seems to let this subcontracting go on without much fuss, and that's plain ridiculous, and weak, there are other solutions.
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    Uh, I thot I said earlier in this same thread that WE are the ones that have to collect the #'s, the company hauling the stuff, the loads, etc.?

    Sure, the union ain't gonna do nothin if WE don't do nothin to tell them about it! How's THAT for proper English? I have won subcontracting grievances time and time again because WE are the ones that caught the trailers going down the road or pulling from the rail yard.

    You think the company is going to voluntarily give this info to the union? To us? You think the union is just sitting at our buildings watching every trailer or tractor pulling out or in? We have to be on first watch, then hand the information to our steward who can very easily and legally obtain where the load originated or the load's destination and, in most cases, who the contractor was and why. If WE would have had the hours to pull this, then, by all means WE file and WE win! Simple!

    WE have to get involved and do the footwork and not rely on others to do it for us! It's easy.