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Here you go thought you would enjoy this if you have not seen it yet.

"And his supporters are still active at the grass-roots level: GOP officials abruptly canceled the Nevada state convention when it became clear that Paul's backers outnumbered those for McCain and stood ready to take control of the delegate process."

Oh yeah, that's old news. Just days ago the Maine GOP had to strong arm to qwell Paulistas.

Paul also took 16% of the vote in Pa. and this helps in gaining a platform from which to speak at the convention. Word is Ron will get a Tuesday night 8 pm prime time slot to address the convention. The question is, will the media cover it?

Here's a May 6th piece from Air Force times concerning military contributions.

Ron's book signing in NYC was said to be bigger than Bill Clinton's. His book "A Revolution, A Manifesto" is doing well across the board including a complete sellout at Amazon with a new stock date posted at Amazon for May 25th.

I know Ron's foreign policy ideas don't sell well here and amongst some even his domestic/economic ideas are not well liked. But a growing number of Americans are starting to give pause and thought to many of the things Ron has to say. Ron knew his chances of winning were far flung at best but his hope was to have a voice on the national stage at the convention and all things point to that coming to past at this time. This is his moment to start the snowball rolling down hill.


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One other thing there AV, be careful when you open the door. Many times the wrong kinda riff-raff so up.

You know,

Like ME!