The Clinton's spoof the Sopranos


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Hey Cheryl,

I saw this video earlier today and was wondering if it would hit the browncafe.

What kind of message do you think she is trying to send other than perhaps trying to lighten up her image??

Looks like the Clinton's are going for the mass appeal of mobsters!!:lol:


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What's next, Obama as the Fresh Prince??

I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 and I yelled to the cabbie yo homes smell ya later
Looked at my kingdom there was finally joy to sit on my throne as the Prince of Illinois


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Well, they were known for knocking a few folks off when the need arose!


Gee wkmac, you aren't dredging up those Vince Foster and Ron Brown rumors , are you? To me, the both of them come across as being full of :poop:. I remember the first time I heard Bill give that speech at the Democratic Convention, thats the first impression I got. They both have always seemed so dishonest. Hillary has no personality to me, I am suspicious of anything she says. Poor choice of song too. (no, I'm not a fan of the Clintons!)


I never liked that candyass song...always sounded like a copout to corporate cash to me.anyways,
I`m way up here in Canada and I`d take Clinton
over any of then if I lived there, I know hes not in the running
and he has a few spots in his past.
theres alaways Pat Paulson


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" does make you go to the website to hear the song."

No, it does not.

No me neither, but then I have dial up so it would be tomorrow anyway.
I heard it enough today on talk radio, and this morning on Fox, hard enough to keep breakfast down as it was. I couldnt go there again.


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I admit, I went to see what the song was...

It doesn't matter though. She's gonna get her backside handed to her by Fred Thompson if she wins the primaries(which would be a HUGE mistake for the democrats).