The Con Job

Discussion in 'FedEx Discussions' started by MrFedEx, Sep 15, 2016.

  1. MrFedEx

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    So, a few people did well on raises, but essentially only the "top" and newer employees. As usual, the mid-range employees generally got screwed.

    This is all as planned. As others have said, they know the top of range folks will be staying, and there is incredible turnover among new hires, most of whom are worthless at any rate of pay. So, the incredible new hire who can do 5 SPH on a good day makes basically as much as someone who has been here 10 years. Wow, is that PSP in action, or what?

    They've been figuring this out now for a couple of years, and you'll still have to wait until October to see anything on your check...masterful. Stretch it as long as possible, and then pay the minimum number of employees more money.

    Another huge con by the absolute Master of Cons...The Weasel.

  2. dex 84

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    If you can get out there's no time like the present. Taking an initial pay cut to work elsewhere could pay off in time if that employer values hard work and loyalty. This one doesn't.
  3. Schweddy

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    yep and don't forget the bosses...

  4. dex 84

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    I think that's because they're having a ridiculous amount of management turnover all of a sudden. We've had many of the district's best managers leave for more money at a different company. They figured out fedex is underpaying its employees and have been cherry picking our best managers.
  5. Guys gotta start complaining

  6. TheJackal

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    I don't see a raise on this weeks paycheck. Who are these 'few people' you're referring to?
    Complain about what?
  7. Schweddy

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    Pay increase starts Oct 2, afaik.. and so it will show up on the 13th/14th
  8. MrFedEx

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    October 1. I know a few people who did quite well, including a raise plus market level. But, those people are the minority. Most employees saw very little in terms of a raise, AND it's still a 10 STEP plan vs. a 10 year plan. Again, what company takes 10 years to reach top wage?

    Steps and screwing the mid-range employees. Double tap from Fred.
  9. MrFedEx

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    Why Dano and the rest of the losers are still here. Anyone with an ounce of talent either leaves or is hired away from Hell.
  10. overflowed

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    THIS. I just left and will take a pay cut for 1 year. Actually, with the increase of actual benefits I'm actually making more. It's sad really. They used the recession as a reason to fleece their own employees. Everyone is hiring especially if you're in a metro area. Leave now if you can. Takes some balls and planning. Like not using sick days or any days for that matter. Save for interviews and such.
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  11. Yomama11

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    Why would fedex come up with such crap..10 step progression program...I've seen drivers year after year suck at the route and for them to continually get raises every year..
    No matter how well you do your job or how crappy you do your job fedex will put you into the same step as any other employee with the same pay level as you...what kind of system is that?
  12. Gone fishin

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    The union train left a long time ago. Fred and the boys have too much money now and would shut the joint down before letting the union in.
    The first few years were the time to act on the union. Sit down with the family and decide if fed ex is the right situation for what you want. If it's not ,get the big boy pants on and get on the train too. Plenty of better opportunities out there.
  13. Fred's Myth

    Fred's Myth Disaffected Philistine

    Did none of you watch MT3 on Frontline this month???
    Memphis is LISTENING TO YOUR SFA FEEDBACK...AND THEY'RE DOING SOMETHING !! After all, the Great Wall of China took more than a weekend to build! Now, remember the progression soon as the President and the BoD gets theirs, then any management at all levels get theirs, then the Pilots get theirs, whatever remains will be equitably distributed to those who least deserve it... Remains.....the desiccated kind! Harharhar
  14. MrFedEx

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    Yep. If you're young enough...leave. If you like this industry, invest in getting a Class A CDL and you'll have job offers all over the place. Better yet, apply and become a FedEx RTD, let them train you, and then leave and get a job with a real company that pays real money.

    The unions are only interested in Freight right now, not us. As long as the RLA is in place, they'll never be interested in Express.
  15. Nolimitz

    Nolimitz Active Member

    RTD "training" is a thing of the past around here. When hired 6.5 years ago I had a CDL A permit w/ air brakes. Inquired about training and seat time, was told to go to a school on my own dime.. I let the permit expire
  16. Serf

    Serf Active Member

    :laugh::laugh::laugh: It's true.
  17. BootsOnTarmac

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    I agree. Go RTD, get the training and as many endorsements on your CDL as you can and keep your DMV record clean. Give it a year or two, you might like it. Jump ship if you want. Many companies will want your experience and endorsements and pay much more.