The ghost of.......

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    The ghost of Christmas PAS....

    Hope all you PAS centers are having a good peak. So far ours is terrible ! Most drivers going out with over 10 hours while some have the day off.

    Hope Mr. EDD is treating you well.

    Maybe we can vote on the next contract in Jan (of '13?) so that the company will treat us humanly the 'peak season' before. Now that the contract is passed and they have their United Way pledges in they can again treat us like dirt.
  2. faded jeans

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    Have not had a day off in 2007.
  3. UpstateNYUPSer

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    This week has been particularly rough in our center due to the fact that we have 4 drivers on vacation and 1 injury. I don't ever recall in my 19 yrs vacations allowed after Thanksgiving but mgt says that because it is a full week and it is in November that vacations were allowed. Volume has spiked, along with left in buildings as we just don't have the bodies to move the packages. With 18 days left, morale is already low and, as we all know, the worst is still yet to come.

    Dino, I find it hard to believe that you have not taken a day off all year. Sick, personal, and vacation days are there for your use and if you choose not to use them that is on you. I have the opposite problem--I tend to use my days too early and run out when I could really use a day off.
  4. over9five

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    "Have not had a day off in 2007."

    Unused sick days and o/h may be donated. Please designate Over9five as your beneficiary...........
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    I started when we were "sheeting " stops on paper and I can't imagine delivering a load without PAS. I know it's not perfect, but I'll bet if you asked anyone in my center if they want to go back to the times before Preload Assist, they would say "No way!"

    We have been on the system for several years now and sometimes it takes a while to get things tweaked out just right.

    I talked to another driver this morning and she had the typical peak season residential maze in the back of her truck. I told her "At least you know what's in there now." I was remembering the days when I would leave the building to pick up my jumper in my P400 and pretty much unload the whole mess in the "Brown Derby" restaurant parking lot in order to know where my first stop was.

    Again, it's not perfect but it is light years better than the alternative.
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    We just got PAS about 2 months ago. I was very reluctant only because we had an on-car sup who said it was a cure-all. I hold no stock in what he says because he is an idiot. But now that we have it, I can't imagine going back. I forgot to upload EDD the other day and I felt lost. There are still some things we have to work out with it, but all in all I really like it. Peak is what it is and it will be over before we know it.
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    Was Bad The First Couple Of Days Until I.e. Wants Now One Working More Then 10 Hrs So They Put In Extra Routes And Giving Everybody A Helper Thur And Friday Only Worked 9 Hrs Was Nice To Get Home Early
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    It was real funny when we started out on PAS. The first day I was given a loader who went from chart reading to the pal labels. First day I had a perfect load. Ever since, I've had people hired off the street and they have no clue. The one now is getting better but misloads were driving me crazy. It's going to be a long peak.....
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    It sucks for the preloaders too because now anyone can do their job. When I started as a preloader I had my own route (assignment) and loaded that since I started to the day I went driving. No one else knew my routes or no one cared to know them since they were some of the heaviest on the boxline. I used to take pride in loading, and the drivers and sups had respect for us. Every load was consistent, everyday. Thats how it worked in my center. You had a sense of pride.

    Now when PAS goes into effect it becomes just another method they teach. Whether you're unloading trailers in the back or loading package cars, its just manual labor for 9.50 a hour.

    I will be very disappointed the day PAS goes into effect in my building. Me and my preloader are boys and I wouldn't have it any other way. He takes care of me, I take care of him. I don't want some stranger in my car everyday.
  10. brownmonster

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    A good preloader is still as important as ever, maybe more so. You now know if you are missing a pkg, before you didn't have a clue. Waste alot of timing looking for pkgs if the loader is bad.