The GlennPocolypse!!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Apr 5, 2011.

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    You suffer from the G.B. Syndrome........making someone much more elevated than they really are.

    G.B. is not running for an office, He's a mormon and believes in all these food storage/survival methods. He believes in an angel (Moroni)....somewhat like the Catholics believe in Michael & Gabriel.

    The guy has a TV show with his opinion on it or turn the channel like I do.
    TLC., Bravo, AMC, TBS, etc.....great alternative programming.
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    Hell, I thought it was funny. Never watched Beck and I've only watched Colbert one time and that was when he had the band Rush on. I'll even watch Beck, Hannity, Maddow or even Olbermann if they have Alex, Geddy and Neil on. :punk:
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    The only reason why these types of folks on Comedy Central do this is because they know they will get ratings from it and attention from FOX anchors. CC has so many failed T.V. shows in the past, only a few scrape the border upon average. Sure Glenn has so many advertisements drop, they sign deals of timeframe. 3, 6 months and up to a year long. A company isnt going to sign a deal for life. They want the word to go out, stop paying fees on ads, and see if they work. Just knowing he has over 300 ads in the past is amazing, is that more then Air America ads combined, or close to it.

    As Bill O'reilly has said before on those / that show, because hes been on those shows along with Lettermans. Hey you guys are in buisness because of us, and your welcome!
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    You should watch GB a few times and see what you think. Many of your vids and opinions that you post on BC fall in line with what GB talks about...SHOCKER!!! I used to watch GB when he first moved from CNN but his show got to depressing. Much of what he talks about has come true and he bashs both the right and the left. I think many on the left are scared of GB and FOX or they would not bash them so much. Kinda like how scared i am of Obama...that is why i bash him...he really scares me. :wink2:
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    Its got to be true because its not on FOX.:wink2:

    I guess the Liberals will have to find another person at FOX to complain about.
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    Today on his Show, BECK tried to compare himself to Paul Revere and speak around his show being thown into the garbage can.

    Finally, BECKS antics caught up to him and his fans will have to find a new source of idiosy to fill the 60 minute void BECK will leave in their heads.

    I guess Jesus and guns couldnt help him either.

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    You are too funny !! You actually watched it??? I watched Divine Design with Candice Olsen.
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    I'm a "700 Club" fan myself. Pat really has his finger on the pulse of world affairs. Beck is done because his advertisers have been leaving in droves. It's all about the money, and since Beck went God, his ratings and credibility have dropped like a rock.
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    Either way, BECKS rants have cost him his show on FOX. I would like to send out a congratulations to for its efforts to rid the airwaves of this hate filled blowhard. Stopglenbeck was effective in getting over 300 advertisers to stop advertising on becks hour and off fox completely.

    Becks loss of revenue combined with his loss of viewership (all he had left was some on BC) finally forced FOX news to take him off the air. Fox calls it a "transition" off his daily show, a code would for "get the Flock out of here".

    Same thing happened with Huckabee. They gave him a daily show immediately after the election, and his rating were soooo lame, they took him off a daily slot and gave him a weekend hour. They advertised the move as "huckabee" will be doing other things for FOX.

    It all comes down to a simple principle. MONEY.

    Beck had the only hour on FOX that generated ZERO revenue. With what he was being paid for a 2 year contract, FOX will lose a 100 million dollars by keeping him on the air until december. It had no choice but to take him off the air, replace him with a new show (my guess is Lou Dobbs) and get its advertisers back.

    In this last ratings quarter, Beck resorted to the 3 G's in order to save his show. GOD, GUN's & GIMMICKS. His overreach to jesus and the christian right didnt help his ratings and he drew only 1.6 million viewers. FOX has a standard minimum of 2.0 million just to remain on the air. At his peak, BECK reached 3.1 million viewers 2 years ago, but since going "rogue", his ratings fell each month since, begining with his pandering to Sarah Palin.

    In his own words, beck called himself a "rodeo clown", and over the last three months, he made good on that description.

    Am radio stations are dropping his show as well. He has lost revenue on all his affiliate radio stations and they are deciding to drop his show completely.

    I congratulate FOX for taking this buffoon off the air, not its Hannity's turn.

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    oops, first it was the raving lunatic, Keith 0. The it was Beck....looks to me it's Rachael's turn next then maybe Hannity.
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    Every word from Rachel's mouth makes me cringe.......
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    So if Lou Dobbs takes Becks time slot does that mean TOS will complain out him then?

    Will they left that is afraid of FOX start a new website called

    Will the left only be satisified when the only news out there is Liberal news?

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    Lets all sing bye bye Mr Beck, SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU.