The Limits of Change

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    November 3, 2008 The Limits of Change

    What to expect from the Obama administration on the foreign policy front

    by Justin Raimondo

    As I write this, we are 24 hours away from the end of this seemingly endless presidential campaign, and all the signs point to a victory – some would say an overwhelming victory – by Barack Obama. I won't make any predictions here, what with the Bradley Effect and other unknowns – including the possibility of a "hanging chad"-like situation – but, given the polls, it's incumbent on me to give my readers an indication of what to expect from an Obama administration in the foreign policy department, and this is undoubtedly reflected in the personnel he'll assemble on his foreign policy team.
    So who's up for major appointments?

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    The Limits of No Change

    I really don't think there will be much change regardless of who wins.
    McCain can concentrate of earmarks and cost control but the impact is minimal. If you don't cut back on entitlements of Soc Sec, Medicare or Medicaid, you just peeling the skin off the potato.
    Obama can not spend that much money, Bush already has spent it ... there is little left to spend. If the Democrats start taxing or big social spending, they will lose control of Congress over the next 4 years.
    Obama has tended to work from the center, primarily because he is not a strong authoritarian like Bush. He will actually try to govern from the center and consequently little will happen.
    Supreme and Federal Court appointees will be the biggest impact either way.