The Media are Calling You Liars!

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Liberty Bear, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Have any of you noticed the vast difference between the opinions displayed on this and related forums (e.g. Teamsters for a Democratic Union and and the stuff the media are reporting? From what I've read in various newspapers, we've been presented with a contract that's anything from decent to awesome, and there's no dissent.

    The media also seem reluctant to dig for any facts, opinions or even trivia. Most articles I've read sound like copies of a press release from UPS/Teamsters headquarters.

    That's one reason I'm so suspicious of this contract. If the folks at the Wall Street Journal and other corporate media like it, you know it has to be bad.
  2. Damok

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    I'm glad you're being so scientific and downright discerning ;)
  3. Leftinbuilding

    Leftinbuilding Active Member

    Let me see if I've got this right. The people whose business, is to understand business, like this contract, therefore it is bad. Kinda convoluted "thinking" (sarcasm intended) if you ask me.
  4. retired

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    The TDU was started by socialists in the 70's. They would be against anything that made sense in a free market economy.

    The main stream media especially the Wall Street Journal would never agree with their philosophy.
  5. Jones

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    Well, it depends on how you define "bad", I suppose. Investors (Wall Street) generally view a unionized work force as a negative when they analyze a company because union rules often limit or prohibit a company's ability to react to the market in the most cost effective manner.

    From that perspective, a contract which we (the union workers) might see as bad because it's full of concessions on things like subcontracting, seniority, etc, Wall Street sees as good. I think that's what Liberty was getting at.

    Being that you are retired, I assume your interest in this contract is solely as a shareholder and not as a contracted employee. Wall Street's views should line up nicely with your's these days :wink:
  6. brazenbrown

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    The Wall Street Journal and Wall Street get their facts from Management and the Union.

    You and your TDU rumor spreading friends on this website are just content with spreading progaganda for your own personal gain, which would be to have a 10 year anniversary strike in Ron Carey's honor just for the hell of it!!:w00t:

  7. scratch

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    Liberty Bear, TDU and MakeUPSdeliver are the same organization. Haven't you noticed that simple fact? Anything that the IBT favors, TDU will automatically reject. This is old news, I have been working at UPS for a very long time.
  8. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    The media's job is to understand business??? Oh, yeah - kind of like it was their job to understand the war in Iraq they cheered so loudly for.
  9. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Long live socialism! I favor a mixed economy combining capitalism and socialism.

    What do you mean by "free market economy"? If you're referring to a system of "authoritarian capitalism" where corporations control just about everything and corruption is rampant - kind of like the way things are right now - then I would hope TDU would be against it.

    Well, of course. When has the Wall Street Journal ever been a friend of workers and taxpayers?
  10. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Amen. In other words, they act as corporate mouthpieces.

  11. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Does that make their opinions invalid? In fact, many of the comments appearing on their websites are similar to comments appearing right here, on - and the media are ignoring those comments, apparently because they don't mesh with their agenda.
  12. my2cents

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    This corporate media theme comes straight out of the book titled "Outside the Box" by Deepa Kumar. The book attempts to capitalize on the public relations "victory," which was scored with the '97 strike. One can find information about the book from this TDU link: Moreover, the interview found in the Appendix of the book is also posted on the TDU site, which is found from the same TDU link provided.

    From an ideological standpoint, I believe Ms. Kumar comes from the radical left. One can learn more about her, which can be found here: IMO, this is the most complex contract UPSers have ever faced. There are merits to voting either "yes" or "no," although radicalizing and/or politicizing the discussion serves no purpose other than to distort the issues involved.
  13. Alex Jones

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    Liberty Bear, What a coincidence! You are a new member and are pushing for the contract. HMM..............................
  14. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    How did you reach THAT conclusion? I'm AGAINST the contract. I'm voting NO and am actively campaigning against it, both on this forum and at work.
  15. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    What do you mean by "corporate media theme"? Is cancer a "theme," too?

    If you had a clue about politics, you'd be familiar with terms like "media wh*res" and "the corporate media." Liberals are particularly critical of the corporate media, which tend to support - well, corporations - along with right-wing ideologues. But many of the so-called liberal media are also corrupt.

    There's nothing "radical" about the truth, and I've distorted no issues. As for politics, how could an issue of this nature and this magnitude not be politicized?

    When I attended the union meeting where the contract was discussed, we were warned that certain people "would play politics with this contract."

    In other words, all the BS our union leadership fed us is the gospel truth, and anything to the contrary is "politics." So are you a UPS employee like me or a union official?
  16. Cole

    Cole New Member

    It's a company written contract plain and simple, and the media go with the Corporations tell them by and large. It's our choice so read it word by word, and vote according to how it effects you and how it effects future UPSers.
  17. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    Bingo. That's exactly what I meant.
  18. Liberty Bear

    Liberty Bear New but not Naive

    There's an article that claims UPS employees will be mailing in their votes in EARLY DECEMBER, quoting a Teamsters spokesman named Leigh Strope:

    UPS Shares Rise on News of Labor Deal

    So who's lying here, the Associated Press or the Teamsters?
  19. Cole

    Cole New Member

    Probably both. ;)
    I saw mainly quotes from UPS on that link.
  20. Brown Dog

    Brown Dog Brown since 81

    The wall street journal doesn't care about you, your pay, your benefits, you aching back,knees, joints. etc! The WSJ cares about BIG business. UPS is a big Business. Ups might as well write the press release for the WSJ because it benefits them both! Our union is suppose to hold them(UPS) in check since we are the union. But unfortunately, our union had Central States hanging over their head and wanted to easily sign on all the UPS freight people. Those issues were resolved, but for the rest of us, our contract has been weakened, not strenthtened PTimers, 8hr req, over 9.5, weakening pension benefits, liklehood of pension healthcare costs rising 200%, No improvements to enforcement of our present contract, (just ask anyone in 705 if UPS is following the contract now!:mad:) and they will be able to follow it less if this proposed piece of garbage goes through. Yes, We already make a good buck, but that doesn't mean we are not entitled to FAIR treatment of the above issues I've stated