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    Ok I was 1.81 late yesterday. Anyone beat that?
    Of course I didnt know until my LOADER told me.........I searched for the reports I thought I had a GOOD DAY. Seems they dont want us to see them, as we may compare numbers..........
    Thats all good, but to tell the people on the belt "shes always a buck or buck and a half late anyway, so go ahead and load her up"
    Stinks to me.....My manager said, yep you were 1.81 late", I asked was I the only one? and he said yes. Now who would know? Thinking that was highly uncalled for and I said if I was that bad you better have someone ride with me, because there is no way in Hell I could have done it in two hours less. My loader told me the guys who ran my route for 2 weeks when I was off all said they got in late every night. And he said not one word was said about them. He said they were singling me out, and he knows I work hard, and he knows how my truck and rt has changed and he wonders why they are doing it to me. He used to be my jumper, so he knows what I used to go out with. But once again they are trying to make us, currently me, look like a slug. And I dont appreciate it. Send me out with a jumper dispatch and try to tell me it was an 8 hr day. I try to remember that production doesnt matter, but personal pride is at stake here and it makes me ILL>.
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    "..but personal pride is at stake here and it makes me ILL"

    Exactly why they're doing it! Me too, I'm the same way, BUT WE SHOULDN"T BE!!!! The ones that don't care anymore, THEY'RE the smart ones. I suppose UPS will eventually beat the "personal pride" out of us too.

    You know how it is here. The targets on your back for a few weeks. Keep doing the job the same way you've always done it. They'll get bored of you and move on to someone else. They always do.
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    Even though management is a kind and caring group that only has your best interest at heart that unfortunately has to come in a distant second (which sounds oh so much more positive than last) to hitting the numbers.

    So if you could just let them know whether intimidation, embarrassment, praise or pizza will cause you to improve your numbers the most, regardless of how good you are, they will implement a prioritizing strategy to force you to squeeze out a little more blood from the rock.

    Now have a good day.

    Ummm, they will decide whether you had a good day of course and that will not be predicated on whether you handled yourself professionally out in the public, satisfied the customers and/or drove safe, but simply on the numbers.
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    "Now have a good day."

    (and don't forget to turn in a sales lead)
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    Tooner, at least if they are targeting you, I'm home free for a while! Got a message last week, " Why did you have 22 minutes between stop "A" and stop "B" yesterday. I had to laugh. I replied "Because thats how long it took to go from stop "A" to stop "B" Funny...they didn't reply. Then I sent a message "I don't have time for all these questions. (It was like the 10th message that day)

    Hey didn't I see you in the lot leaving last night?? You looked like you did a great job to me!
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    Just 1.50 for me.

    The only number on the report I worry about is the one on the far left, time worked.

    We had a sup ride with a guy a few days ago, new route. They came in at 7:30, 7.55 planned day. I love it! LOL!
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    dont let them get to ya tooner,request a ride,show them its impossible to do it faster.
    Most of all,take your break.your pride goes beyond doing 12 hours work in 8.In the old days they based routes on an average day.Now its based on the best time you ever made in the area.
    If it gets rough,call for help...early, before noon,so they know you mean it.And eat your lunch.
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    We can take the morning reports and scrunch them up for t.p.
  9. toonertoo

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    I appreciate the support, it is much needed.
    I tried to tell them I needed help when at noon I only had 22 off and should have had at least forty. Then from the resident quizzling I started getting messages at 3pm, the first response. "and let me get this right, you have delivered no residential" Yeah I did Next DAY AIR only!!!!!! I told him to forget it, I dont have time to text, and argue with him" Then they had me meet someone to help who was as buried as me. Duh. I am coming up on 21 yrs, and I am thinking if I can get something else I will be gone in a day. Not alot out there for middle age women who can lift heavy things, but this sucks and yes it usually goes in cycles, but it is stuck on spin. And the biggest thing is it aint fun no more. When I used to have a stuffed truck it was a challenge, now it is an impossibility. I find myself getting aggravated waiting on people who are working at normal speed, not the superhuman status we are suppose to uphold. Sales leads, I see tons, even in my poor little area. Aint doing it, I know it will be on me, and they will never put on another driver or put a run back in. Which is why I did it before. Yeah help grow the business. I would be happy to if it would increase jobs. It doesnt. Just increases workload. I am happy to do 10 hrs a day, but not when I do it and they tell me I suck it was only 8.
    "Here demonstrate how to lift and lower, and get a free shirt" at the morning meeting. Lift and lower this, and keep your stupid shirt. I lift and lower all day and dont get hurt, isnt that demonstration enough? Geez what do they think when no one volunteers? I have never seen morale this bad, and for my morale to be bad, it is really bad. I keep hoping this is a bad dream, and I am still really on vaca, but from the beating I took today, I know vaca is over.
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    "AM" time is killing us. Our start time was bumped up to 8:45 yet the pre-load isn't getting us out until 9:15-9:20. Heck, we're not on PAS yet so I guess 9:30-9:45 may be coming soon. This is a pre-load with a manager, 2 FT sups, and about 15 PT sups. The pre-load starts at 4:30 and the start time needs to be 4:00 at the minimum. They can't get us out on time on Monday's so there's no hope for the rest of the week.

    FedEx Ground drivers are on the road making deliveries at 8:15. That's after they drive 30 miles to get on area.

    Maybe Eskew really works for Fred S.
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    "FedEx Ground drivers are on the road making deliveries at 8:15. That's after they drive 30 miles to get on area."

    I'm sure you know how that is possible.
  12. upsdude

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    Sure I do, but our customers don't.
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    I was 1.95. We start at 9am now. We have missed NDA almost everyday.

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  14. susiedriver

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    Right before I left, I was the worst driver in the district with a supervisor on board for the entire 11.75 day. He got in more trouble than I did!
    I never did get any relief on the route, eventually tired of the absurdly long days, and don't regret leaving.
  15. over9five

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    "Just increases workload."

    Thank you for that on sales leads. My thoughts exactly!
  16. upsdude

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    Them really smart fellows in IE have determined our pre-load doesn't need to start until 4:55 AM. I figure we will be leaving the building at 9:20-9:30. When they started at 4:00 we could pull out at 8:40. I would think, nah, never mind.

    A delivery sup told me tonight that he is now getting chewed for "AM" time. What a frigging mess.
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    I was 2.3 over and worked an 17.93 day. 253 miles, 169 deliveries, 187 packages. So I figured I had a good one. There have been very few days where I went out and had more OT hours on road than regular hours.

    And what was really nice was I had all the packages that I delivered right on the seat next to me all day.

    I am so glad that it is Football Time In Tennessee. And all of them signature required. Reminds me of the days that we had to get signatures on every delivery. God I love DR.

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    I was wondering if people are quitting like crazy everywhere around the country. In our center I started at 95 on the seniority list. Today I am 58 and still moving. Peak this year is going to be insane. Just keep telling myself they can only work me 60 hours a week.
  19. ok2bclever

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    Upbs, it's amazing you can still move, let alone do the job at 58. [​IMG]
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    tooner, stick it out. were all in the same mismanaged ship here and its comforting to know someone else is taking the crap just like us and feels the same way. something else that doesn't help is slacker drivers. but that should be ups's problem not ours. i think ups turns a 100 in a year or so, anyone remember years ago hearing that they want the stock to be at 100$. well guess where they have decided to make the cuts. on our backs. literally. thanks mike, you need to be a little man before you can be a big man. i am looking forward to the ERI!!!! oh yeah.