The partnership legacy is dead

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  1. The MIP factor is the final straw. First they sold our Company to create scandalous wealth for a few (check out Charlie's new house in Atlanta) and eliminated the possibility for future supervisors and managers to build wealth through hypothecation. Then they destroyed the partnership by eliminating the sharing of profits.

    Partners share in the profitability and risk of a business venture. Casey understood that, and it created the culture and ethic that built our Company to what it is. But we're not partners anymore. We are just compensated employees who must wait for a sizable chunk of our compensation until the Salary committee (shame on you, Victor) decides how much we will be paid.

    This year saw record profits, record cash flows, and more importantly, record profit margins (3 times what they were in the 90's). Instead of sharing those profits, the Company decided to give us a 15% pay cut because their non-auditable voodoo math says they can.

    Since the Company doesn't treat me like a partner, I'm through acting like a partner. After giving sizable pay raises to our Union employees (the pilots, most recently), and to themselves, we have been forced to accept 3% "merit" increases that don't even keep up with inflation, let alone the benefit cost increases. Now this 1.6 slap in the face.

    I used to work for United Parcel Service Company, a company that stood for integrity, honesty, hard work, superb service, and an ownership culture. Now I work for UPS, 3 letters that don't stand for anything. Thanks, Mike Eschew. 20 years is enough. I'm outta here.
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    If you were a true partner, instead of "acting" like a partner, you would understand the changes that had to be made for the continued success of UPS, and would be treated like a partner.
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    I agree 100% with "Anonymous for a reason" ---what will ups_vette say next year when the MIP factor is 1.0???
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    You, Sir, are an evil person. May god (or whatever) have mercy on your soul.
    How much stock do you own?

    If this were true, why did some partners get a raise and some a cut? Some partnership!
    Vette your thoughts/opinions are foolish.
    Anon I agree w/you.
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  5. I wish some way some how, your message could be read at corp. I agree with every word you said. There is no partnership anymore. I am going to copy and paste your well written message to the next ERI survey.
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    amen brother. talk to a ups store owner. they did the same thing to us. the rebranding of mbe did the same thing, it shifted the profits from the store owner to ups. bunch of thieves. no offense to my hardworking , professional drivers and package handlers. this fish is rotting from the head down. ups drivers are the best.
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    Anonymous for a reason writes: I used to work for United Parcel Service Company, a company that stood for integrity, honesty, hard work, superb service, and an ownership culture. Now I work for UPS, 3 letters that don't stand for anything. Thanks, Mike Eschew. 20 years is enough. I'm outta here.

    Sir, you are wrong. Those 3 letters do stand for something.
    U nited P rofit S ystems

  9. Don't blame UPS_Vette. He's probably retired and built his wealth during the good ol' days. He's probably sitting on $millions in stock so the MIP factor goes against his self interests. Just like the level 20s and above, the value of their stock options and holdings means much more than the MIP. In fact, the MIP works against the stock value, because it adds to the costs. If they could eliminate it completely, they would.

    Just don't ask me to fill in if there's another strike, or snowstorm, or bird flu epidemic. When I was a partner, you didn't have to ask. Now, they're going to have to show me the money.
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    Ur Package is Somewhere
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    You have got to be kidding. Profits are up a billion over last year and we took a 33 percent hit on the MIP factor. What insane logic could anyone possibly use to justify such a change?
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    I strongly agree with tieguy, i cant come up with any reasons why the low guy on the tatum pole is getting the shaft (the part-time sups have been getting the shaft all along).
    The incentive to go into management is no longer what it was!!!!!!! How sad, good poeple will leave the company, and ofcourse dead weight will sink the ship!!!!!!!!!!!! BAIL!!! BAIL!!!!!!
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    I quit UPS earlier this year. I don't miss anything about the company. There was a time when I was so enchanted with UPS that I could never stop talking to friends and family about the company.

    Now, I'm trying see how I can liquify the remainder of my stockholding -- 401k matching.
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    UPS vette will say NOTHING because he was one of the lucky ones to cash in when the stock went public. Could have happened in the 70's or 80's but it didnt until the late 90's. Some people just get lucky...
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    Your full of crap too.
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    and hence the problem with this company. We now chase public opinion rather then run the company the right way.
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    ups vette,
    I may be wrong here but I thought at some point back you said you were retired and I got the feeling it was for some amount of time. I'll grant you that I could have you mixed up with someone else and if so I apologize. My mistake!

    However, if this is the case, UPS has really changed especially over the last couple of years and it's accelerating. A lot of current longtime managers and even some at the level of getting options and benefits the lower level folks don't have expressed privately in conversations with me about their concerns of the direction this company is going.

    If you are still at work, maybe you are in a location where the satisfaction rate is high and if so good for you. But I can tell you that if you talk around (this forum being a perfect example) the concern among both management and longtime hourly folk about the company direction is real and growing!


    BTW Tie: Well said my friend!
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    Well, I am not in management but was in the opt in process right up till the point at which they killed off the MIP the way they did...

    Most of the management that will talk about it with me agree that it is insane.

    As for UPS, from the bottom end up, it is awesome. Unfortunately, the company has been dying since FedEx came into existance. There will be no saving UPS except for the newr total replacment of the executive management and the folks that cowtow to the stock market analyists.

    I've been in for over a decade and will probably tough it out, but likely never as a management whipping boy unless things SERIOUSLY change.

    Man, I miss the days when we would just slam money at capital expenditures and give real raises.
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    What's disturbing to me is that I read these messages from the managers of UPS and the nature of the post are so negative with regards to the future of the company. After I read these, as a driver, how am I supposed to get motivated to the job to the best of my abilities? I really want to go out and bust my ass everyday, but it seems like it won't matter anymore....
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    Yea, it bugs me too brownie.But look at it this way,you have security and a guaranteed income (barring unseen circumstances)
    I`ve been driving 16 yrs and I`m glad I never submitted a letter for promotion ,because the guys they are shafting are the 2nd most important reason that ups functions at all besides us drivers.
    I`m gonna stick it out as a driver as long as my body holds out regardless that last year Eskew made as much as 60 full time pkg drivers,or if he gets 100k...when he gets demoted ,I own no stock so I just dont care.All we can do is our job,and hope that the ones at the top of the big brown empire will visit the brown cafe` to see the error of thier ways.:mad: