The real question should be

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  1. packageguy

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    The real question should be why is everybody against unions...
  2. WhereDoIWorkAgain

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    Not against unions in theory. I am against unions that:
    1. Instead of protecting decent work conditions and relations try to turn everything into conflict.

    2. Spend huge amounts of time and resources ensuring that a small number of very bad employees stay employed while doing nothing to promote the interests of hardworking individuals.

    3. Constantly and consistently work to keep their members half informed about internal goings on within their own union, and also don't provide information or relief to help their member in their own jobs.

    4. Work to sow dissent and disunity among their members by creating artificial classes of members with different voices with in the union.

    5. Seem more interested in national politics not directly related to labour than in working to make the jobs and lives of the local members better.
  3. ORLY!?!

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    Its a hard question to answer. I like the union we have, yet hate more about it then the good.

    As wheredoIworkagain, has many things said right about it. The union gives so much away each time, it makes the job so unappealing to newer workers. These people are our future, keeping them around should be key in their stay with us. A newer fellow worker showed me his pay check after overtime and hours workered and it was a joke. The union keeps giving away for us PTers. I came in at a right time, in contract. The union should be looking to award people with the skills to have a reason to stay around, instead of chasing them away.

    The work of the union, teamsters, has gotten so lazy and unproductive that its pointless to pay any dues. This union debate on Michigans, right to work state is a plus, theres people putting in rear view mirrors at 70$ an hour because that union has gotten its way and asked too much in return.

    America protects the rights of the individual, not the mob rule. The unions, yet good at first, end up being of mob rule. Its a simple fact that unions get a litle too crazy about their rights, protections and the latter. Sooner or later they get to the mob affect, and think they are right in all issues. Thusly, their mob becomes right all the time. Nothing else matters, just the mobs rule.
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    I feel a lot of part timers complain about the union or feel it does not do anything for them but do not take any necessary action to do anything about. The majority of part timers do not go to union meetings and allow their voices to be heard. Why would the union try to change anything if they do ot even know what is wrong in the first place.
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    The real reason is because the unions have a very, very crappy PR plan. Those that are against unions have much better PR and the money to fund that PR.

    Union leaders, for the most part, are college educated, yet to hear them speak, you would think they were just off the farm. Our leaders need to speak to us and the non-union public, not down to us.
  7. barnyard

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    Think about it. Who coined 'right to work' and what does it have to do with unions???? By coining an anti union law, 'right to work' by title alone, most people are on that side.
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    I hope that unions in Michigan will figure out that in order for them to continue to exist, they are going to have to provide a better service. I am the steward in our building, they don't return calls, ever. If someone looses their job, the grievance procedure is a joke. They go right along with what management recommends, or they will make trades with people's lives. They do not provide the service to us that we deserve. Also, the money is great, however, if wages for drivers continue to grow as they have in the past, ups will at some point, not be able to compete with fed ex, who pays their drivers half the wages that we make. It is simply not sustainable in the long term. If they continue on the path they are on, there won't be teamsters anymore. Did I mention that our business agent comes to our building less than once a year, except for grievance hearings, and then he is in and out.
  9. Thebrownstreak

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    Aa big problem that I saw in a video from MI was one where a anti union protester got into a physical comfirtation with the other guy. Actions like that cannot be allowed. I blame it on their union president for not giving them the tools to deal with the anti union guy. We as union members need a collective calm voice when it comes to comfirtation. Cooler heads would have prevailed in the situation.
  10. Thebrownstreak

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    Wrote that wrong. Union guy got physical with anti-union guy.
  11. WhereDoIWorkAgain

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    Union meetings when? The shop steward doesn't know because they get changed randomly and without notice. The full timers aren't represented either. They don't answer phone calls most of the time, and their we'll get back to you tends to be months and months later, and/or with a form letter of we're working on it thank you for asking.

    Happy I recently stopped being in the union.
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  12. Dr.Brown

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    There's a bulletin board in our building that is kept up with info about meetings.. usually its word of mouth but the board keeps people informed...
    the PT'rs(18-22) are young and dumb and really don't care though
  13. WhereDoIWorkAgain

    WhereDoIWorkAgain New Member

    In theory there would be one in our building but about half the stuff on it is from last year or older. I've seen meetings on it occasionally but they are not there for most of the meetings.
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  15. brownmonster

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    I know a lot of people making less then 30K and paying for part of their health insurance and no pension that hate unions. It's called jealousy.
  16. part_timer

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    I will start with "Whats wrong in the first place"

    No notification at the hub of any union meetings..In the building somewhere would help, Larger hub with 4 package centers , 250+ pt's per four shifts daily.

    One steward for inside hub on my sort , no way to address isssues as needed.

    Does the hall need me to tell them that the starting PT wage is unchanged for 20+ years?

    Lastly, When did FT inside seniority,ie: 22.3 carry more weight than PT , even with PTer having more total company time???
  17. DriveInDriveOut

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    Unchanged for 25 years. 50 cents in 30 years.

    I read full timers posts saying that part-timers are "young and dumb and couldn't care less", and sarcastically: "and this is the future of UPS". Why do you think that is?

    What kind of worker do you think you're going to attract for a buck over minimum wage?
  18. Jackburton

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    The same kind that do it during the holidays without the insurance to boot. Always seem to have enough so who do you blame?
  19. DriveInDriveOut

    DriveInDriveOut This Is The Last Stop

    Who do I blame for the starting pay? Well there's two parties that negotiated the wage so.... both of them.

    I love the union don't get me wrong, they're why we have benefits and a prospect at a decent position some day. However, it would be nice if a company making almost a billion dollars in profit a quarter could at least pay a living wage. It would also be nice if I had a group to represent me that would push hard for that. Maybe I do, who knows, only time will tell.
  20. TearsInRain

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    if Unions would strive to help ALL their members, not just the ones with the highest seniority and top-pay, and didn't try to excuse inexcusable behavior, i'd be all for them

    overall though, i think having the Teamsters at UPS is a positive thing, since management would get away with some really stupid stuff otherwise