The Service Of UPS And The Ignorance Of The Public

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    I want to write a post about how well UPS delivers its packages on time. I don't know the numbers but I know thw facts. The fact is that UPS has the best numbers in time definite delivery.

    I had the "pleasure" of listening to an ingnorant customer at the UPS store on Dec. 23rd. She was waiting for a parcel with a "tracked" delivery date of Dec. 24th. She tracked her package from KS to MA which is 4 days. It arrived in her center on the 23rd and wanted to know why it wasn't delivered even though it was a Dec. 24th scheduled delivery.

    The fine employee of the UPS store and I tried to explain why her parcel wasn't delivered even though it showed being scanned at her operating center a day earlier.

    We tried to tell het that her delivery wasn't scheduled or promised until the 24th. She said "well if its in the building why don't you deliver it?" I tried to say we service the packages that need to be delivered on that date first and there are enough of them (too many) that we don't service your package until the day UPS' service mandates.

    This is not a typical customer and she is misinformed or just plain stupid. She continued to speak untruths about UPS. She said that "UPS is delivering Barnes and Noble 3-day select 10 days late and when I use the USPS its always on time".

    Its people like this that makes me wonder how our country or her family exists in this world? This is a mother of an American faimly and she has no clue or is dumb as a stump.

    I told her the facts. I told her UPS has the best time-definite delivery service in the industry. I told her that is a fact. The UPS store employee and I tried to explain to her that it was Barnes and Noble that delayed her package by 10 days. She wasn't listening.

    I think we are better off without her as a customer. How can this woman believe the 3-day select would take 10 days to be delivered in any scenario? That would be a full WEEK and 1/2 late ! Even if it was mis-sorted it would not be THAT late! She can't comprehend that the delay was due to a backlog at "B and N".

    The stupidity of the general public amazes me:sad-very:.
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    Can't Fix Stupid
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    BH, we have all had similar encounters. The sad part of this is that the woman will tell her friends of her poor experience w/UPS and they will in turn tell their friends and the potential loss of 1 customer may lead to the potential loss of many others. Word of mouth can be a powerful form of advertising, whether positive or negative, accurate or otherwise.
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    The woman was absolutely right because she got her info off the internet, the holy grail of factual information.
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    Agreed! Can't fix stupid and when did we as a society become so g/d materialistic? Reading some of these posts the last few days esspecially one from the Northwest regarding why their package was still in the building. Ah, gee I don't know maybe if our people can't move your package doesn't move either:happy2:Relax and add some Baileys to your coffee:happy2:
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    On the other side of the coin, Upstate, I have had many customers say, "wow a day early. This wasn't supposed to be here until tomorrow."
    Those customers will also spread the word about how great their service was and how great their drivers are. The customer that Brownie is describing are a dime a dozen and will have a minimal impact on the over-all scope of things. We can't please everyone. My mother had a saying. "You'd bitch if :censored2: were icecream"

    This is the biggest reason why we, as pc drivers, have such a huge impact on customer relations. Unlike the frieght drivers, who have minimal contact with customers. :wink2:
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    I stopped trying to explain anything to ignorant customers...It never gets me anywhere! One thing that really, I mean REALLY bugs me is the fact that since the public sees us PC drivers we get blamed for most of it. Be it a late package, one with a little bit of "crinkle" in the box, them not putting an apt. # on labels and causing a delay, etc... When I do explain I either get that empty idiot stare or that "ya right" look. On the other side of the coin there are many customers that are very understanding. I've noticed that these customers have switched to another carrier in the past only to come back. Really made them see the difference we make at UPS.:wink2:
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    Is there anywhere we can look to see exactly what the late/on time ratio is for UPS compared to FedEx and the USPS?
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    1)You forgot to throw in the moldy joke about them being fat.
    2) Minimal contact with customers is just how we like unless you count traveling the highways with the morons.
    3) They`re called feeder drivers not freight.
    4)If your going to insult someone spell check your post so you don`t look dumb.:happy2:
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    Some people you will never be able to make happy. They believe they always have the right answer to there own questions. These people bitch at every carrier not just UPS because they think they deserve better customer service then any other person.

    You should never get into a argument with customers even when they don't know anything about what they are talking about. Just direct them to the Customer Service Center or the 800 number.

    In this case the Customer Service Center she could have pick her package up herself since she said it was there.
  11. old brown shoe

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    Just remember customers are always right even when they are wrong. Those kind of people are rude to anyone in service. I hear them like Charlie Brown hears his mom waa waa waaa. Then say have a nice day and leave.
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    Your mom actually said that. :surprised:
  13. DownsizedUPS'er

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    Neer underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. :dissapointed:
  14. Baba gounj

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    Had a gentleman come into the Customer Counter on Friday looking for his Fed Ex package. Seems he had two parcel that he wanted to have picked up at his house; one Fedex one UPS. Well both were picked up , and fedex said that they could not find his package at the pickup point, so naturally they told him that UPS must have picked it up.
    He wanted our entire center checked to locate his missing fedex box.
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    she's right though. Check out "two girls, one cup."
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    haha- good one cementups! rotflmao
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    when i was in the cstc, (when ups still ran the cstc) i had a lady call in to complain that her nda pkg came by ground and not air. i apologized and asked her if the pkg was deliered late. she said no. i asked her how she knows it came by ground and not air. she said................. drum roll please........................................................

    she saw the ups truck in her front yard.:whiteflag:

    then there was the guy that wanted to know if he could ship avacados. once i confirmed the state he was shipping to allowed them, he asked me if he had to put it in a box.
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    Hahahaha wow that takes the cake right there
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    Anyone who has skydived and participated in large formation relative work pictured in your post #16 might be offended by the picture.
    Surely you aren't espousing the contents "idiocy" projected by the picture.
    I didn't think so.